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 - Published on 23 April 2011
Went to see Rio today with my son and his friend.Movie great, but when we came out of the cinema our car was clamped. The sign said "Free parking for Cinema customers only at rear" but to anyone familiar with Dougla read more >>
wizweb  - Published on 15 October 2010
This is a dump and its treated like same by its customers and staff. It's overly priced too because its the only one remaining in the city centre. Food here is muck with service to match. It definitaely needs an overhall read more >>
theonetheonly  - Published on 12 September 2010
the only city centre cinema left and is a nice alternative to blackpool, mahon or douglas. only 6 screens or so. Good sweet shop and a pop corn and icecream section. Wheelchair accessible also which is good.  read more>>
Sm2k10  - Published on 05 September 2010
this cinema has always let me down. the small space and the huge waiting lines is just not acceptable.!! the ticket prices are very bad too which really does suck. id much rather omniplex anyday. also the staff look like thei read more >>
AlanCrowley  - Published on 24 August 2010
Although its located very close to to the city, I have never been impressed by this cinema. Prices are expensive, specially in relation to the quality of the film provided. 3d films are of particularly poor quality here and I read more >>
Lynchy  - Published on 05 August 2010
Went here for the first time in ages last night I’m not the biggest fan. They usually show a good range of films, and the price is ok but the seats are not comfortable at all and there is very little leg room.  read more>>
dman15333  - Published on 03 August 2010
Cinema is well kept clean cheap prices not many people visit this cinema even though they should because its great. It is very cheap on popcorn drinks and sweets and tickets. It is the only cinema I have been to where they read more >>
theonetheonly  - Published on 03 August 2010
I like the cinema in mallow. It has moved to a new site, the one near the Tesco is gone! The new cinema has underground parking and has 6 screens. Has your standard cinema fare in the lobby. The best thing about Mallow cinema read more >>
Santa7  - Published on 01 August 2010
This isn't the worst cinema I've been in by a long shot but its not the best either. The last 2 times I came here, in the past month, the popcorn was way too salty! By the end of the film my lips looked like a cats read more >>
lk123  - Published on 17 July 2010
Pretty old and out dated, they could definitely do with some work on the inside. The seating area is pretty small and there isn't a whole lot of space inside. The seats aren't very comfortable either. The prices of read more >>
Denis Quaid  - Published on 13 July 2010
A grand cinema. Not the most comfortable by any means but has a good choice of movies and there are couches to relax on before the movie. It's in a handy location too being in the middle of the city.  read more>>
lucy28  - Published on 27 June 2010
This cinema is alright but not up to 21st century standars, the projecting of the film can often be off and they never turn the lights off at the sides which annoys me so much! Also the food and drinks are not great, my drink read more >>
doitagain  - Published on 22 May 2010
i'm certainly not what you'd call a cinema snob and i think the fact that this cinema is a little quiter would play in it's favour for me anyway. As teddy says, the launch of newer cinemas has taken it's t read more >>
Lou  - Published on 22 April 2010
I really really don't like this cinema. I think it's gone down hill in the last few years. I used to enjoy going here but now I wouldn't go near the palce. I know it's only a small thing but since they sta read more >>
joseph.p.obrien  - Published on 29 March 2010
I hate this cinema. It is in a rough location if you plan to go their at night. Last time I was there I was in that tiny tiny screen with about 30 seats. Then in came a crowd of "the wrong type of people" who ruined read more >>
Jayeire  - Published on 29 March 2010
An awful awful place, which I shall never return to. There's most definitely a horrible smell out the this place to. 3D projectors seem to be constantly broken and the manager leaves much to be desired. Could not be in a read more >>
kgiller  - Published on 22 March 2010
I really dont like this cinema. I used to go here when i was younger and didnt have the car to drive to any other cinema. Its really started to fall apart and needs some work done to it to bring it back up to standard. Its no read more >>
age  - Published on 31 October 2009
The only cinema you can go to if you don't drive! It's actually a nice cinema with a really good student deal. The seats are a bit cramped in my opinion. Also I wouldn't go on the weekends during the day as it& read more >>
Teddy  - Published on 16 August 2009
The arrival of cinema's in Blackpool the the North Gate and particularly Mahon Point mean this place looks and feel rather dated. Then again its not overly busy so one wouldn't be overly concerned about getting seat read more >>
Teddy  - Published on 16 August 2009
With the closing down of the Cineplex, this is the only mainstream cinema in town. It is clean modern a always has the latest releases, i have spent a few good rainy afternoons in here.  read more>>
peadar  - Published on 25 July 2009
The Gate is a nice cinema, and the only multiplex in Cork city centre. Its a short walk from the central part of town, at the end of North Main St. But its a big cinema, nice and clean on the inside. There is a really big sel read more >>