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 - Modified on 03 January 2013
i,m looking for an e,mail address for this store or head office can anybody help me out plz
 - Published on 08 October 2009
 - Published on 12 April 2009
 - Published on 18 November 2008
foodaholic  - Published on 30 November 2010
This shop (and all smyths) are open until 11pm at night! (mon-frid/sat), really handy if you want to pop out ot do some evening shopping after dinner. Usually quiet these time also, so lots of room to move about, probably bus read more >>
foodaholic  - Published on 30 November 2010
This shop (and all smyths) are open until 11pm at night! (mon-frid/sat), really handy if you want to pop out ot do some evening shopping after dinner. Usually quiet these time also, so lots of room to move about, probably bus read more >>
holly8  - Published on 18 October 2010
This is a great store with brilliant customer service. Prices are always good (and I do compare them vs on line, UK prices, etc). I especially like that if you are returning/exhanging somehing, there is no big song & da read more >>
Platnex  - Published on 15 October 2010
Quite a small Smyths, 5 asiles of toys and 3 of games. Staff are nice and friendly however the store is way to cramped to be able to shop properly.  read more>>
wizweb  - Published on 15 October 2010
Great range of toys and computer games etc for children and young people. Really good selection of buggies too and other baby products. The prices are reasonable and most staff I've come across in here are friendly enoug read more >>
Swizzlestick  - Published on 13 October 2010
Great shop with the best range of toys in galway. They cater for every age group from young babies to adults with their excellent range of consoles and console games. They are generally very good on price & staff are help read more >>
eiregirl  - Published on 13 October 2010
Great place to find toys for small kinds and Big kids!  read more>>
ryan96  - Published on 11 October 2010
i love smyths! i always get my games and concoles there. when i was younger i would always buy lego here because they always had all the best lago castles and trains and other lego items  read more>>
john marston  - Published on 26 September 2010
smyths toyshops area always great and this one is really good as its so big. the staff here are good and helpful as sometimes you need help to find certain things. great selection of toys and kids love it here.  read more>>
carmelmariakelly  - Published on 17 September 2010
love to bring the kids here for a look around especially around xmas time to help them pick what they would like! nice staff + huge amount of toys = happy children!  read more>>
Swizzlestick  - Published on 16 September 2010
Very good toy store... it's a bit of a super store infact. They have every toy any boy or girl could possibly want and a nice range of children craft sets too. Upstairs they have a heaven for computer gamers with a massi read more >>
Tom McNamara  - Published on 15 September 2010
Has to be the best toy shop in Galway. Has a huge selection of toys downstairs with a special nursery section. Upstairs there is a fantastic selection of electronics including iPods and the latest gaming consoles. They accept read more >>
charlie29  - Published on 14 September 2010
the one stop shop for all your childrens gifts this christmas, huge amount of stock. you could spend hours wandering around this store, they have a great nursery section too, we got all our prams, cots etc. here. one member o read more >>
mattdon43  - Published on 09 September 2010
Very good quality smyths store plenty of parking and is in an excellent location just off the m50. Staff are fairly helpful and there is loads of deals all the time.  read more>>
rickybobby  - Published on 08 September 2010
Great shop that has being around for years!The staff are very helpful and polite.I use the upstairs more often with the games and they always have great deals on!Gets very busy from late September on so you might need some pa read more >>
Santa7  - Published on 07 September 2010
I love calling in here to look at the massive teddys and cry silently to myself about my childhood without a massive teddy in it. I like setting off all the barking dogs and meowing cats too, nothing gives me greater pleasure read more >>
rarasa  - Published on 27 August 2010
I absolutely love going into this branch of Smyths, it's huge! They have a huge selection of toys, and sometimes have demonstrations which can be very fun. I've spent hours in here and the variation of toys that the read more >>
Sm2k10  - Published on 19 August 2010
Smyths is a great shop! Best toy store around I'd say!! Very cheap and great for kids! is the place to go to too with updates and specials!! There's one in Kinsale, Cork too!! Love that one!!! Great shop! read more >>
Sm2k10  - Published on 09 August 2010
Love smyths!!! Great shop!!! The one on the kinsale road is the best though because it's so easy to get to. I hate going into town you see. Very good shop though. I remember going in there to buy tomagotchi's!  read more>>
jennyface09  - Published on 03 August 2010
very good store the staff are very nice and very helpful.they always have great deals with the games upstairs and always have something that you will buy overall a 10/10  read more>>
casablanket  - Published on 24 July 2010
My nephews love this place. They've bought countless numbers of light sabors here as well as lego and games for their x boxes and nintendo Ds. The staff are very knowledgable and are on hand to advise you a good toy to b read more >>
dman15333  - Published on 22 July 2010
smyths is a 1 stop toy store. My family loves this place but sometimes there expensive Great staff and lot and lots and lots and lots of toys and games. Staff very friendly  read more>>
Daitezen  - Published on 19 July 2010
Good selection of toys and outdoor stuff, though their prices on computer games are pretty high. Staff are good there though, happy to help. Shame the location is a bit out of the way, otherwise would look in there more often  read more>>
lk123  - Published on 14 July 2010
Probably the best toy store in the city centre. It's very large and spacious and every little childs dream! We spent almost 2 hours here and still hadn't seen everything. They have a wide range of toys and even some read more >>
benandsam  - Published on 05 July 2010
There is only 1 place to go in cork at christmas for commercial childrens gifts--i go elsewhere for books and wooden toys. Smyths are cheapest in cork for pc games and hand held computer games and have a great stock. Also gre read more >>
rubberbandgirl  - Published on 22 June 2010
This shop is fantastic. This is a smallish Smyths but still good. I got so much stuff here when I was pregnant - you can get cots, buggies, baby bedding, toys, and toddler and kids toys. The prices are good, and they often ha read more >>
scaldy  - Published on 20 June 2010
Grat place. Excellent selection of toys and games. Staff are pleasant and very helpful. I could spend the whole day there.  read more>>
Dale O Connell  - Published on 09 June 2010
great toys second hand games and games also do a great range of electronnics ...are very cheap and this outlet has very friendly staff.. great deals and nursery upstairs with greta deals for the new born  read more>>
rarasa  - Published on 09 June 2010
This place is like a little haven for kids, there are loads of toys on display and colourful, bright products. There's always a huge range of stock, meaning that you can find almost any child's toy in here or comput read more >>
Fox  - Published on 03 June 2010
Smyths is pretty much THE toy store in Waterford, nothing else really compares to it i terms of scale and selection. The staff are quite well informed about the products and are much needed when looking for one particular toy read more >>
ossie90  - Published on 25 May 2010
love this place as im a big kid at heart love bringing my daughter here to buy toys i think i have just as much fun, highly recommended great selection of toys  read more>>
deisemum  - Published on 18 May 2010
This is a great shop and has a great selection of toys, games and electronic games to choose from. The staff are always helpful and will even offer to carry your shopping back to the car in Merchants Quay car park. The pr read more >>
Jayeire  - Published on 29 April 2010
Smyths of course is a toy shop that now fills the gap of the now closed Toymaster and Byrne's World of Wonder. It could perhaps be said that Smyths have the monopoly of toys now in the city centre. A huge store that pro read more >>
Emma  - Published on 14 April 2010
Absolutely huge toy shop. Its got everything a child could want. Good value as they do good price promotions often  read more>>
aido  - Published on 07 April 2010
this is definitely the biggest toy store i have ever been in, they have everything you could want toy wise they also do games consoles and games, they have a separate nursery section for baby strollers and other baby accessor read more >>
kgiller  - Published on 23 March 2010
I love Smyths. Ever time i go in there i feel like im going back in time to when i was a kid looking around to pick out my christmas presents. They have a huge selections of dolls, action figures, teddy bears downstairs and b read more >>
benandsam  - Published on 09 March 2010
Smyths toys is the 1st and lots of times only place you look in cork city for childrens toys and games, excellent selection of toys and wii/xbox games, they are very competitive with prices and with extended opening hours the read more >>
epbastos  - Published on 17 January 2010
What a great store. When i entered the store I felt like a chid again. All that amazing toys in a huge space, like a warehouse, is jut to much fun. I bought an entire collection of simpsons figures there. If you have kids, j read more >>
AnnieB82  - Published on 12 January 2010
This has to be the best toy shop in Ireland. I used to get so excited coming here as a kid. They have a vast range of choice from baby to teen here including nursery products and prams, high chairs etc. Their prices are fairl read more >>
Ciara  - Published on 12 January 2010
This is the best Smyths toy store in Dublin. The location is great , just off Exit 15 on the M50 so handy and there is heaps of free parking . Very large warehouse and seems to carry more stock than other Smyths toys especia read more >>
ben10toys  - Published on 14 November 2009
Looking for Ben10 toys and called into Smyths in Caherdavin. Didn't see much of a selection. Maybe they're not as popular in Ireland as other countries: Found this site online for anyone who's interested: http: read more >>
age  - Published on 31 October 2009
I love Smyth's. It has the best selection of toy's around and is so much better than Noddies or World of Wonder. They have loads of classic toys and all the new franchises. Thankfully I have to little nephews, so I read more >>
Sandardie  - Published on 27 October 2009
This is a huge store and every childres paradise. They have a great selection of Nursery supplies and equipment which is great if your a first time partent they have everything you need from Cots to buggys, stair gates and t read more >>
peadar  - Published on 17 October 2009
I love Smyths. It brings out the kid in me every time, and I would quite happily walk the aisles for hours. Its really big too, with all the video games in the side, the 'clever' toys upstairs like jigsaws and the r read more >>
cazmcdermott  - Published on 17 October 2009
Excellent Website,keep up the good work  read more>>
peadar  - Published on 17 October 2009
This Smyths is newer than the Smyths on Maylor St. Its just as big as the Maylor St, but seems more impersonal. I never feel like a big kid here - its lacks the magic. Maybe its cause of all times Ive been to the Maylor St on read more >>
Philip_Dub  - Published on 15 July 2009
I'm like a kid in a candy store in this shop! This place is HUGE! And has tons of great stuff. I love it for the amount of board games it has! Amazing selection. They also have a great video game section and sometimes do read more >>