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 - Published on 11 July 2010
I went to Penneys on O'Connell Street just to buy wellies for Oxegen, but I could have bought the entire store. The clothes and accessories were incredible for the cheapest prices you could ever find in Dublin! What amaz read more >>
 - Published on 16 December 2009
 - Published on 08 December 2009
Penneys in Dundrum is in fairness one of the best Penneys Department Stores in Ireland! It has everything! I would recommend a visit to Pennys in Dundrum Town Centre!
Platnex  - Published on 17 October 2010
Can't go wrong with Pennys, the mens section is cheap, cheerful and they go up (in most stuff) to 2XL with a 44 waist. This branch is in a fantastic location, huge store and one of the best stocked, I can't fault i read more >>
flower  - Published on 18 September 2010
I love pennys because its so so cheap! you can always pick up bargains! this penneys is big and modern which makes it a good one definitely but as a result it gets very busy which is a downside!  read more>>
ChrisBee  - Published on 16 September 2010
I love Penneys, this would be my 2nd favourite penneys, as my fave is Penneys on Mary St. I really like this Penneys as it's really big and spacious and never too crammed. There is a great selection of ladies, mens, kids read more >>
Christo82  - Published on 10 September 2010
This store is in a prime location for business and is usually quite busy. Situated next to Easons on O'Connell Street, it's one of two large Penneys stores in Dublin City Centre(the other one being across from the J read more >>
Caoimhe25588  - Published on 02 September 2010
Love this store!! Lovely and big and has everything!! Only problem which isnt really a problem is that I go in and spend too much haha!  read more>>
Rich89  - Published on 02 September 2010
great place to pick up some decent cheap clothes when you dont wanna splash out on the big brand names  read more>>
rarasa  - Published on 20 August 2010
This is a good Penneys, it's beside Easons and has a good selection of clothes. It's not as big, and the clothing range isn't as extensive as the one on Mary Street but it's good if you want to go in and o read more >>
dubgirlracer2010  - Published on 25 July 2010
i love this pennys. its huge and they have a great bikini selection and holiday stuff like beach towels, sunglasses and jewellery. its always busy and its very clean.  read more>>
rarasa  - Published on 23 July 2010
I really like this Penneys, it's big and always tidy. You generally don't see a lot of clothes on the ground here like you do in the Pennys branches in town, and there's a wide selection of clothes at really as read more >>
lk123  - Published on 14 July 2010
I like Penneys, its cheap and fashionable clothes at reasonable prices. The quality isn't top notch but what can you expect when you're paying €20 for a nice looking dress! This particular branch can get quite busy read more >>
Annedor  - Published on 10 July 2010
Great tops and t-shirts at rock bottom prices. They very often do plain long-sleeved tops for kids which are a fraction of the price from anywhere else. Beachwear is always worth a look - great value and why spend a fortune w read more >>
D.T.R.B  - Published on 06 July 2010
i love places like pennys,you can get great summer clothes for nothing in this place,picked up 2 pairs of summer shorts and 2 t-shirts for 30 euro,great place to get kitted out for a holiday at the last minute.  read more>>
coleyface  - Published on 03 July 2010
great place. the clothes are fashionable and cheap. theres a great selection of all things from clothes, houseware and seasonal items. the place can be a bit messy at times and very hard to wander through sometimes between al read more >>
Gemma  - Published on 29 June 2010
I LOVe Penneys and the one on O'Connell street has a good selection of clothes and accessories. The only thing is that it is often a bit of a mess because customers often leave things on random rails, but then again part read more >>
Tangent  - Published on 28 June 2010
It can get sooo crowded in here, I'd recommend to go to the nearby Penney's instead. It is massive in here, and can get messy, but it's Penney's so it's obviously cheap. I try to only buy things I c read more >>
Bríd  - Published on 16 June 2010
Ah good ol Penneys, you can't beat it for cheap tack. Actually got a pair of wellies in here last year for Electric Picnic, €11 and they did the job perfect. Unlike other stuff in there, you can't really go wrong wi read more >>
Bríd  - Published on 16 June 2010
Yes I hate queueing, and buying stuff in here it's always best to try stuff on(because the sizes can vary so much), even though you're tempted to not bother because it's so cheap. Anyway my advice is stick it o read more >>
beccacino  - Published on 16 June 2010
best value most varied stock love that shop shame for the lill kids that make the stuff but still  read more>>
Teddy  - Published on 13 June 2010
Grabbed myself a sweet pair of summer shorts in here for €9, can't beat that kind of value. The queues for the changing room was bad but the mens was walk straight in - sweetah. Cash queue were bad as usual but it is Pen read more >>
MC90  - Published on 10 June 2010
This Pennys is always well stocked and clean. Which I love as I hate the Pennys in henry st. Even though it is bigger the Dundrum store has a much nicer atmosphere about it. Definitely a fav of mine  read more>>
cupfungus  - Published on 01 June 2010
This is probably the best Penneys in Dublin. (Nearly) always clean, great selection of clothes for both men and women. I wish they had bigger footwear section but it's still worth it for the clothes and jewellery! It hel read more >>
wallster  - Published on 30 May 2010
This store always has a great selection of cloths all year round its huge and you can get all the family kitted out here for a very small price. In particulary great value for childrens cloths. great accessories also sungl read more >>
bloggerdiddlium  - Published on 23 May 2010
Huge fan of Pennys. It's no surprise they consistantly win awards such as retailer of the year : they keep the prices low and unlike other stores that use the same means to achive economies of scale: they don't hike read more >>
Goldilocks  - Published on 18 May 2010
Penney’s is a chain cheap store and is always very busy no matter what time you enter this store in the week. They have the latest fashion but sometimes the clothes are a little cheap in quality. I always purchase socks, umbr read more >>
Bogger  - Published on 26 April 2010
You can get rid of your entire wardrobe and replace it in Penneys and get change out of €30, (they don't do furniture so don't throw out your actual wardrobe, just the contents).  read more>>
BelFi09  - Published on 23 March 2010
Ok so if you want quality go to Reiss but if your sick to the back teeth of everything in your wardrobe and you're cash strapped then Penneys is a good bet. I mean yes the material is so thin that you could spit through read more >>
Goldfish  - Published on 21 March 2010
I hadn't heard of Penneys until I moved to Dublin. Someone recently told me it's named Penneys because thats the amount of money you need to buy a metric tonne of socks, but am not sure thats true. I once bought a read more >>  - Published on 04 February 2010
Almost biggest store to sell clothes here in Dublin. This store is famous cause yours prices are realy cheap, is a tradition any person when arrive in Dublin, first of all buy some clothes there.  read more>>
Bellinha  - Published on 26 January 2010
It's a nice shop, but they need to improve the amount of fitting rooms. There's always big queues at this branch on O'connel st. you can find clothes extremely cheap, sometimes for 1 euro penneys is the happin read more >>
epbastos  - Published on 17 January 2010
This is a great place to go if you want to buy cheap clothes. There is some quality items as well, but the price is always the big attraction. Penneys had help me when i arrive in Dulbin and my luggage was lost on Heathrow a read more >>
AnnieB82  - Published on 12 January 2010
This Penney's is probably the best in Dublin. There is a vast choice of men, women and childrens clothing, as well as homeware and accessories. Everything is cheap and cheerful and you're sure to pick up a bargain. read more >>
CKONE  - Published on 02 November 2009
I love this Penneys, they have all the ranges here and it is huge so great selection. My only fault is the changing area the staff there are not very friendly or helpful. But you can also pick up a bargain  read more>>
age  - Published on 01 November 2009
I buy socks and jocks in Pennyeys. I don't think the clothes are nice or made of good fabric. The price is cheap, but the fit is awful. I do like the wooly hats in there though. Also girls are obsesses by the place so it read more >>
Ali  - Published on 31 October 2009
This is a big Penneys in the shopping centre. It has lots of cashiers which is great so you dont have to wait too long to get served. You will always find a few pieces to buy and you'll probably get it all for €10!!  read more>>
Ali  - Published on 31 October 2009
This is a huge Penneys it has a few floors. There is everything you can look for from shoes to underwear to PJ's and socks! You can never go into this place and not get anything. You can pick up a toilettries too!  read more>>
Sandardie  - Published on 31 October 2009
One of the best pennys in dublin so far. The store is full of teenagers looking for a bargain. They have a huge nightwear selection and the accessories are so cheap and are great for that new trend. They have a wide selection read more >>
Sandardie  - Published on 31 October 2009
Great selecion of cloths on offer here for all the family and all at a price everyone can afford. Its a really big shop has lots of household goods and the prices cant be found anywhere else. Cushions and throws from as litt read more >>