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 - Published on 10 January 2012
I think the staff of M & S particularly in Newbridge Store are superb. Always great food displays and always helpful. Quality of fresh produce is excellent and morth the bit extra.
 - Published on 27 April 2010
Marks & Spencer on Grafton Street in Dublin is a great store, it sells fashion, for men, women and children, lingerie, home furnishings, shoes, bags...In this particular branch there is a M&S food department downstai read more >>
Mr T  - Published on 07 August 2011
I must sayu that I have never been dissapointed by any of the food in Marks and Spencer. The layout of he food hall in this store is very inviting, and is definately a regular haunt of miine. Though the pricing is slightly a read more >>
lornak  - Published on 23 March 2011
Grafton st marks and sparks is by far my favorite. Its more compact than mary st and easier to find the bargains in. Just inside the main door this week, there are lots of per una bargains at knock down prices. The food in m+ read more >>
oisinl  - Published on 24 October 2010
I quite like this place. You can get really top notch food in here as always. And some of the deals are excellent. It's a really big Marks and Sparks compared to some of the others. I wouldn't be one to shop for any read more >>
smiles  - Published on 17 October 2010
This is a nice big M&S and I am always a big fan of them! I think their food section is always brilliant. You can always find things in here that you won't get in the other supermarkets! The clothes in Marks and Spar read more >>
stekeoode  - Published on 06 October 2010
This is a great shop selling nice clothes for men and women, it has a cafe just inside the door and sells great own brand food and drinks. they sell really nice luxurious sweets and chocolates making great gifts and the baker read more >>
alphatronic72  - Published on 05 October 2010
Absolutely love their food and the range of other products such as their wines. Customer service is always excellent. Though expensive I love the product quilty and thats what encourages me to use M&S here and in other ar read more >>
flower  - Published on 05 October 2010
I really love going through the food section of Marks and Spencers. They do really really good food and you can find things here that you wouldnt get anywhere else.... They are a little expensive but to be honest the quality read more >>
Platnex  - Published on 04 October 2010
Best Marks and Spencers in Ireland without a shadow of a doubt, the staff are amazing, can always find what I need here and the bakery chef in here... amazing. Get in here.  read more>>
pedrocon  - Published on 04 October 2010
really nice place in the middle of town, loads of food selection especially the bakery goods which are top notch! i would highly recommend the cookies, there the best around! all the pre packed dinners delish too.  read more>>
caelum  - Published on 02 October 2010
this is a review for marks and spencer in general: i like the food and the clothes are pretty good value and the food is good value for what you get and most of the time its very tasty  read more>>
ali-fluffo  - Published on 01 October 2010
I am a massive fan of m&s food and clothes so I always enjoy going into this one. The shop is large and the layout is perfect - it is very easy to find your way around. Their cookies in the bakery are amazing and i'd read more >>
foodaholic  - Published on 18 September 2010
Always well stocked, lots of choices with discounts on fruits, sandwiches and ready meals towards the end of the day. Also have a good selection of cards, flowers, wine and socks! A good small sized M&S. Staff are always read more >>
MarkMark  - Published on 14 September 2010
One of the best menswear sections in Dublin. Nicely laid out and good selection of quality clothes. Prices are on the high side, and popular items are rarely reduced in sales. Good restaurant in this branch, handy for a pit s read more >>
Pretty_Princess  - Published on 13 September 2010
It has a great food hall located downstairs and it is really handy to pop in there during lunch. They have a selection of ready to go sandwitches or hot food counter. I just love their desserts and it's always good to gr read more >>
dillo2k10  - Published on 09 September 2010
They always have the best quality food, but it can be a bit pricey for some types of food. It is always worth it if you want to spend a little extra. Never any problems with the stuff bought from there  read more>>
BelFi09  - Published on 09 September 2010
Yeah this is a pretty good M&S, spacious and nice staff. They're home furnishings dept is well stocked in this branch. I like M&S they've done a lot to appeal to the younger customer and their clothes are al read more >>
Miga  - Published on 01 September 2010
In my homeland (Portugal), ending this chain of stores, which I liked very much. So I had to go visit this store in Ireland. I like very much, clothing and accessories. I also like the cakes and sweets. I bought an Iced Fruit read more >>
dubgirlracer2010  - Published on 20 July 2010
I really like this Marks and Spencers, its huge and they have one of the nicest home furnishings departments. They do lovely bed quilts and duvet covers, but you will pay dear for them. The food is nice and they sometimes hav read more >>
kerash  - Published on 20 July 2010
Lovely Marks and Spencers, I like the location and it's pleasant to spend a while shopping here. The location is convenient for those travelling from out side Dublin and plenty of parking is available. M&S offers a read more >>
rarasa  - Published on 19 July 2010
This is the biggest Marks and Spencer I've ever been in, it's very impressive. There's a great selection of groceries, and the food is always of the best quality. M&S is certainly a trustworthy brand, I read more >>
lk123  - Published on 18 July 2010
This M&S is massive and a must visit if you're out shopping in Liffey Valley. The store is so big and you'll find every thing you need here. The home and drapery section are great but the food hall is so impress read more >>
dillo2k10  - Published on 18 July 2010
Its a great big store and the food is excelent quality. Dont do your grocery shopping here though if you are on a budget  read more>>
lk123  - Published on 17 July 2010
The clothes selection here is very poor, especially compared to the other stores. The food is worth a visit though. Its a bit expensive but they often have meals on here where you can get a starter,main course and dessert for read more >>
lk123  - Published on 16 July 2010
Theres a huge selection of products in this shop though I think the Grafton St store is laid out better and overall a nicer experience. The food selection is great, plenty to chose from. If youre planning on getting your lunc read more >>
lk123  - Published on 15 July 2010
Can someone please make a map of this store..its huge! Not that i'm complaining, it has everything you need and more. Theres a couple of different floors so you'll need plenty of time to browse the whole store. The read more >>
star23  - Published on 14 July 2010
I'm reviewing this for the restaurant. I ate here with my Mum and sister and we were really impressed. The staff are really helpful and polite. There was meal deal on which worked out very inexpensive. The food was ver read more >>
lucoops2345  - Published on 06 July 2010
Has everything you need. The clothes are gorgeous, the food is absolutley delicious. However it is quite expensive and the staff are pretty slow at serving. definitely worth it tho once uv tried the food.  read more>>
aido  - Published on 28 June 2010
this is a good shop to get high quality food the food isn t cheap but you pay for quality, they do have some meal deals, they have allot of easy cook tasty food too,dont go there for the clothes but the food is worth a look a read more >>
Elliee B  - Published on 03 June 2010
This store has improved over the years and I go there now to buy my own clothes!! Not my grannys! I love it! Spread over 3 floors, great resturant on the top floor or head into the supermarket section to pick up lunch if your read more >>
wallster  - Published on 30 May 2010
This is possible on of the best Marks & Spencer in dublin it has a full range of fresh food and huge clothing section for both men and women with all the extra accessories there is no childrens seciton thought its a busy read more >>
wyvernfriend  - Published on 29 May 2010
This Marks & Spencer's is one of the biggest with a big home furnishings department. It's easy enough to find your way around and nice and bright and airy. The Grocery section is always well stocked.  read more>>
wyvernfriend  - Published on 29 May 2010
This Marks and Spencers often has the best range of all the shops with a lot of variety. Sometimes it can almost feel too full and cramped but I love the food shop and I can never just leave with what I intended to buy!  read more>>
wyvernfriend  - Published on 29 May 2010
I'm a huge fan of Marks & Spencers for their clothes and their food. The food is always good quality and a great way for my husband and I to treat ourselves without spending too much. The deals are always good valu read more >>
TheBull  - Published on 28 May 2010
Marks & Spencer are known for their reputation for providing top class service. This branch is very convenient for the Luas especially if catching a train afterwards. There's a great selection of clothes for all read more >>
ossie90  - Published on 25 May 2010
marks and spencers quality and afordabilty. there meal deals are brilliant and tasty over all the food stuffs are out of this world love shopping there would recommend highly  read more>>
casablanket  - Published on 25 May 2010
Marks and Spencers is one of the favourite places for takeaway lunches for worrkers in the city centre. They also have ready made meals to take home with their meal deals at weekends being particulary popular. It is my favour read more >>
bloggerdiddlium  - Published on 23 May 2010
The staff here are all very nice and chatty. There is a good range of clothes and the foodstore has the most gorgeous foods and wines. You will always pick up a nice gift or token for somebody from this store. Very classy pla read more >>
bloggerdiddlium  - Published on 23 May 2010
I love the smell of the freshly baked cookies from this place. They are a real treat! They do delicious sandwiches and deserts. The place is always busy so thats always a good sign !  read more>>
bloggerdiddlium  - Published on 23 May 2010
This is such a huge Marks and Spencers- its absolutely fantastic. Look out for Marks and Spencers meal deals too as you can get a bottle of wine worth about €20 included in a €12 meal deal - really handy for entertaining. You read more >>
Goldilocks  - Published on 19 May 2010
This is a big department store and they have a few sections you can purchase food and eat whilst you are shopping. I love the packaging of the food and the selection in the supermarket they also sell flowers and plants in tha read more >>
Gilles  - Published on 18 May 2010
I got a new job, this is a good thing. I now have to wear suites every day - this quite frankly, sucks. None the less it was off to M&S yesterday where for 435 Euro I picked up a half decent suite and 4 shirts (buy 1 g read more >>
Caroanne  - Published on 18 May 2010
A great selection of goods, the groceries are competively priced and their food is excellent, but their bedlinen tends to be very expensive. Nice store, great staff  read more>>
Goldilocks  - Published on 17 May 2010
Marks and Spencer are the store for high street wear ability they have every colour you can imagine. They have a good selection in the Per una and also in the Autograph section. They offer dinner for two for around twelve to read more >>
Goldilocks  - Published on 17 May 2010
One of the biggest stores in Dublin and one of the best. I do not get out to often but when you do forget the rest of this centre. They have a great coffee shop outside with the sun beaming in and they have some great lunch o read more >>
siobhany  - Published on 30 April 2010
This shop would be so great...if the price was lower.Lovely groceries,plenty of swanky food that I can't even pronounce...but hello overpricedness!The restaurant on the bottom is nice though...try the pasta!  read more>>
Bogger  - Published on 26 April 2010
They do great soups, burgers, sandwiches and rolls, actually they don't just do soups, burgers, sandwiches and rolls, they do M&S soups, sandwiches and rolls. They also do clothes - M&S clothes.  read more>>
Denisetbutler  - Published on 19 April 2010
Marks and Spencers is always reliable, but the Liffey valley won is really nice. Easy to find your way around in (which for me is great, cause i'm always getting lost) and they have a great homeware section  read more>>
benandsam  - Published on 08 March 2010
Marks and spencers is compact for grocery but its a hive of activity and used by those for the more up market items, not cheap but what you buy you will enjoy  read more>>
Goldilocks  - Published on 28 January 2010
Every time you head to Dundrum you will enter this store as the parking is always good outside. They have a good range of clothes and they also have a good home section. They have a great coffee shop and it is never to busy. read more >>
diggedydawg  - Published on 19 January 2010
I like M&S in general as a place to grocery shop. What's disappointing about the one in Cork is the use-by dates on most food items - it's always hard to find anything with more than 3 days left before the use- read more >>
epbastos  - Published on 17 January 2010
Great store for clothing. You can find some great shirts, slacks and underwear as well. It is a huge place, so you'l probably don't have to keep avoid hitting people. The staff is very helpfull and friendly.  read more>>
pmmon  - Published on 21 December 2009
Being an older woman, I do like the clothes here. I find they stock clothes in different lengths and being quite petite, I like this about their clothes. They also stock shoes and accessories and very good underwear. The read more >>
Ali  - Published on 07 November 2009
This is my favourite supermarket, if I could live off Marks and Spencers I wold be SO happy. There is such a great selection in the ‘food on the go’ section as well as the healthy meals, salads, oh and the desserts are just a read more >>
CKONE  - Published on 02 November 2009
This consists of two floors in the shopping centre. It is nicely laid out with the ladies clothes on the top floor. They have the supermarket on the bottom floor which I love. Especially when feeling lazy and buying the ready read more >>
Sandardie  - Published on 27 October 2009
Smell of coffee beans as you enter from the car Park and rest with a cream bun and cappuccino. You will spend hours in this shop. They have weekend specials for families of 2 in the supermarkets. Lingere for woman, work suits read more >>
peadar  - Published on 17 October 2009
Marks and Sparks is a bit pricier than your Dunnes Stores or Tesco. Its the kind of place that I would only buy work clothes in, but the quality is always good. Its the food here thats worth taking a look at. The ready made m read more >>
beedie1980  - Published on 13 October 2009
Women's clothes here are really targeted at the 45+ age group although you can pick up some younger fashions from time to time. Their casual clothes are normal quite plain but of good quality but just a little bit over p read more >>
CKONE  - Published on 28 July 2009
Bit more pricey then Dunnes or Penney. but the quality is well worth it. They have the most gorgeous cashmere Jumpers and Cardigans so if you are looking for staples that will last I would recommend Marks & Spencers  read more>>
CKONE  - Published on 28 July 2009
This Marks and Spencers is great for buying under wear they have a great selections that fits all sizes, and the staff are so helpful and make sure you leave with the best fit.  read more>>
CKONE  - Published on 28 July 2009
This Marks and Spencers is in a great location, and they have a lovely coffee shop now so if you get tired of shopping you can take a break. Huge store so have a great selection  read more>>
peadar  - Published on 26 July 2009
Would have to agree with Brid on this one, Marks and Sparks doesnt have casual clothes that I would ever wear. Its a decent spot for work clothes though - they have a very large selection of mens shirts for example. But its read more >>
Brian1985  - Published on 21 July 2009
Always a great place to go to pick something random for dinner. They always have amazing ready made dishes ready to go. There not the cheapest though is the only problem.  read more>>
Bríd  - Published on 20 July 2009
As a clothes shop this doesn't have much to offer people my age, in my opinion. They try a little with the range they have just inside the door but have never bought anything in there. Definitely a place for your mother read more >>