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 - Modified on 09 September 2012
HORRIBLE!!! Much of the vegetables and fruits they display are rotting with insects/flies around them! In some of the self checkouts the employees are beyond lazy. The people working in customer service and security are fanta read more >>
 - Published on 04 January 2012
its the wrong number
 - Published on 14 June 2010
Tesco is without a doubt my supermarket of choice because of its unbeatable prices, great selection of food and products, and helpful staff. In comparison to ALDI, Lidl, and Spar, Tesco rings in the cheapest prices for the ma read more >>
 - Published on 18 June 2008
Great variety of fresh products- not too big so it doesn't take you forever to do your shopping. Lots of cashires so the lines move quickly.
 - Published on 27 April 2008
 - Published on 27 April 2008
 - Published on 27 April 2008
Ciaran  - Published on 05 July 2011
Great range of clothing and footwear at affordable prices. Great in the sales!  read more>>
smiles  - Published on 17 October 2010
This is a nice big modern enough tesco. I liked it better before when it was 24 hours though I must admit. It has a really big car park with free parking and it has a nice location, although I do believe there are rumous that read more >>
Platnex  - Published on 16 October 2010
I used to work for this tesco back in 2006, it has gone a bit downhill quite a lot, it is no longer 24/7 and the staff has pretty much completly changed. The car park is huge and really close to town (a 2 minute walk)  read more>>
holly8  - Published on 13 October 2010
Used to hate Tesco now I love it. I do most of my shopping there now. While prices do seem to be creeping up in the last few months, they always do "specials" so I can stock up on favourite items as needed. Only read more >>
brebilboa  - Published on 25 September 2010
Biggest and best large chain supermarket in Letterkenny. Very big tesco's that has everything you could want food wise. Also has a clothing section too which stocks cheap clothing. Tonnes of car parking space as this tes read more >>
tommy26241  - Published on 21 September 2010
this a great place to get what you need especially for football tops and the like, the price is also a great factor to buy here, got a few liverpool tops in here down the years, sell a wide range of clubs as well  read more>>
carmelmariakelly  - Published on 17 September 2010
do most of all my weekly grocery shopping in this store; love being on the tesco mobile network because I can easily purchase credit during my shopping visit. usually have good buy 1 get 1 offers and their own brand is amazin read more >>
Tom McNamara  - Published on 14 September 2010
Lovely shop with an excellent selection of food and drink; great for your weekly shopping, or small snacks with their self checkout! This Tesco will be closing soon and will be moving to Oranmore since they need more space, e read more >>
Jayeire  - Published on 14 September 2010
Really like this Tesco. Range of stock is great and they always have what I'm looking for. The aisles are very spacious and they always seem to have pretty good offers. At night there are sometimes not enough checkout st read more >>
brosna  - Published on 13 September 2010
Lifestyle sports was at this location in Tullamore for many years. However and unfortunately it has now closed and is no longer trading. No other Lifestyle Sports shop opened in Tullamore following this closure.  read more>>
lk123  - Published on 12 September 2010
Standard sized supermarket, I have only been in here twice, once it was dirty the second time (years later) it was clean and a nice shopping experience. Its much like other Tescos, the prices can be good but to get best value read more >>
markf558  - Published on 12 September 2010
To start off with parking is a nightmare. It is medium sized tesco and the stock is adequate but not great for the size. One of my main problems with the store are the employees. They are quite unhelpful and often unpleasant. read more >>
Mr.Brightside  - Published on 11 September 2010
Whether it's tank tops or t-shirts, Lifestyle is the place to go when buying any sportswear! Staff are very helpful. Great selection of trainers and football boots. Guaranteed satisfaction with ever purchase!  read more>>
Swizzlestick  - Published on 08 September 2010
Fantastic! Every human need catered for under one roof. Excellent online delivery service too..never late and truly lovely drivers who are courteous and helpful. Only docking a star because sometimes it can be expensive  read more>>
rickybobby  - Published on 08 September 2010
Excellent store,stocks everything you can think of at low prices from microwave meals to cds!The staff are really helpful and the stock are layed out well.They also have an online serivce which is quite good also.You can pick read more >>
flower  - Published on 08 September 2010
Nice big tesco, got everything you need. pity its not open 24 hours anymore though. nice big car park too.  read more>>
Pekaboo  - Published on 06 September 2010
I hink 80 euro for a pair of runners that fall appart in a month or so is a bit ridiculos. Dont like what they sell so i wouldnt be a fan at all and i think their pricing is silly. i bought a swimming togs in there once and t read more >>
G_Dawg  - Published on 04 September 2010
Lifestyle Sports is a great place to get all your sports wear needs. probably the best in dundalk. great selection of footwear and clothing. great selection of football boots also. my first choice for sporting goods and for c read more >>
kloecor  - Published on 04 September 2010
Closed down now, but when it was open it was very expensive and staff weren't that great.  read more>>
kloecor  - Published on 01 September 2010
I find Lifestyle Sports Ltd. to be of high standards. But I think the pricing is needlessly high. I don't shop here but I know alot of people who do and are very satisfied.  read more>>
Nadzer100  - Published on 28 August 2010
always first on my list when i have sporting needs , always has everything you need , caters all the different sporting brands such as nike , adidas , reebok , yankee , anything you can think of , also great selection of trai read more >>
Bonneyann  - Published on 24 August 2010
I am not a particular lover of this Tesco store, and not because of attitude from staff as I have alway's had nice pleasant staff serve me in this store. I think it has more to do with the placement of products on the sh read more >>
maggiem  - Published on 09 August 2010
This Tesco is probley the ideal size,not so big that you buy so much you didn't need!The staff here are always helpfull. The car park is a good big size. The store is a bit old and dated but as long as its clean and stoc read more >>
CoreyG  - Published on 04 August 2010
big store go here shopping and will continue to as the staff are very nice and helpful the store is very cheap and hopfully will continue to be....great services thanks tesco  read more>>
Santa7  - Published on 28 July 2010
This is my favourite tesco in the city. Ample parking, nice shop lay-out. You can find anything here, from tents to Handbags and of course good food. One draw-back is the fact you need a passport here to buy alcohol if you lo read more >>
casablanket  - Published on 24 July 2010
This is a pretty hectic branch and a gal could get frustrated with the wait.On the upside there are always good offers on and the tescos finest range yoghurts are delicious - very creamy and moreish. The staff here are sound read more >>
Daitezen  - Published on 19 July 2010
Good sized supermarket, and good range of products, on most things tesco seem to be slightly cheaper than dunnes, which means i would choose to go to tescos over dunnes. Customer service is pretty good usually as well for a s read more >>
lk123  - Published on 16 July 2010
This Tesco is really big and well stocked. They always have the shelves fully stocked and carry a wide range of products in multiple brands which I really like. There is queues sometimes, mostly if you go in at a busy time li read more >>
lk123  - Published on 15 July 2010
This Tesco has to be the worst in the country. Its located in a small shopping centre on the outskirts of town. The shopping centre itself is full of mostly cheap tacky shops and tesco is at the bottom. The store is average s read more >>
rachymc  - Published on 06 July 2010
This is where I do most of my shopping. Tesco is by far the cheapest supermarket (I find), and most tesco value items are crazily cheap. The staff are also extremely helpful, I had an issue recently with tesco clubcard vouche read more >>
maggiem  - Published on 05 July 2010
Tesco Naas is pretty average tesco. Its an old store and is in need of a little bit of the modernisation that other Tesco stores have got. Theres a decent amount of parking just outside. I always find this store to be well st read more >>
coleyface  - Published on 03 July 2010
cant go wrong with a trip to tesco! great selection of food, clothes, stationary and only god knows what else! staff are friendly. prices are very cheap in regards to most things. could do with being 24hours though!  read more>>
neonitrix  - Published on 28 June 2010
dont think this is a good shop at all - its located in the portlaoise shopping centre across from the big blue bridge, same store as tesco, alot of lifestyles stock in this store seems to be end of season stuff. never have p read more >>
coleyface  - Published on 24 June 2010
tesco is my main supermarket i shop in, i really cant complain about the place. the service is great, the prices are great too! and the staff are all very friendly and willing to help. only problem is the queues!  read more>>
Paul Whelan  - Published on 24 June 2010
not the best tesco in the world now, but have to say customer service is pretty good there! as for the food, they need to check when items go out of date.  read more>>
blackcloud  - Published on 22 June 2010
Built in the 70s for a mid sized town but Ennis has expanded dramatically in the last 40 years and this supermarket cannot cater for the people of Ennis. The store is completely run down and really needs to be knocked down an read more >>
rubberbandgirl  - Published on 22 June 2010
This is a smallish Tesco, but good for doing the weekly shopping. Although Lidl and Aldi are cheaper on the whole, you can get some very competitive prices in Tesco, particularly in their value range. And there's a wonde read more >>
craig91h  - Published on 18 June 2010
lifestyle sports is very good value and has a fantastic selection of sportswear! usually gotten great people who are so helpfull working there to assist you with anything, love the comfort of all their clothes too its great!! read more >>
redsetter  - Published on 15 June 2010
This is a good store in the centre of town. Its well run and under excellent management, good service is given by every employee I ever encountered, they are always most helpful and anxious to please. Its a busy store but read more >>
Sydo  - Published on 15 June 2010
My main food shopping place. Too bad it's not central but I don't mind doing the trip for their prices! The selection is wide and for every budget. They also often have interesting deals and discounts.  read more>>
jennyface09  - Published on 10 June 2010
great store has everything i need from food to electronics to home insurance and everything is so cheap .the staff are reaaly nice and are very helpful always shop here and always will 5 star  read more>>
Ryu Hoshi  - Published on 08 June 2010
used to work near here so found it handy to grab a few bits on the way home , but the queues even for self service are mental, and if something goes wrong staff just don't want to have to stand up or walk to help. they h read more >>
Bogger  - Published on 08 June 2010
Meh. Actually, double meh! Not really soul inspiring location. Located at the back of Dalymount Park, opposite McDonalds and beside Eddie Rockets. You're better off going into town if you think about it.  read more>>
Dale O Connell  - Published on 06 June 2010
brilliant services.... cheapest food supermarket in Ireland always great deals.. offer home insurance their own phone network also offer home delivery and cheap delivery ... great supermarket and a family favourite...  read more>>
Elliee B  - Published on 01 June 2010
Not my favourite Tescos store. Large store but dont like the layout. Staff are very helpful and friendly but Frozen foods at the start of the store is a complete turn off. Clothes section isnt impressive. Toys section can som read more >>
fluky1  - Published on 21 May 2010
They don't have much of a selection of clothes. I just wish they had tracksuit bottoms that are suitable for the smaller person and not have the one length. The clothes are all for a younger age group.and there is noth read more >>
freebie22  - Published on 17 May 2010
Good store , very clean and good layout , disappointed with the lack of clothes compared to Arklow . I do my weekly shop in Tesco in Gorey . Some of the prices are creeping up though so keep an eye on that! Oh and the toilets read more >>
Elliee B  - Published on 03 May 2010
Stay away... Terrible staff, always chatting and more worried about there make up than serving you. Never have whats required. Only go in here when really desperate.  read more>>
Elliee B  - Published on 03 May 2010
Great big Tesco. When I think of tesco this is the type of store i expect. Great layout, loads of tills. no major queue. fully stocked. great for parking.  read more>>
epbastos  - Published on 22 April 2010
This store is pretty big, compared to all the other from Dublin. You can find some different products here that you can not find in Dublin. It's a great place to buy something cheap to eat, for a quick lunch, like sandwi read more >>
Denisetbutler  - Published on 20 April 2010
This tesco is very big with a great special offer selection. I not only go here for my food, they have great extras that they sell... phones DVD's CDs and some other home ware for really great value. I was only in there read more >>
edubliner  - Published on 19 April 2010
This is my favorite supermarket in Ireland. Ever. A lot of people prefer Aldi or Lidl because the most of products are more cheaper, but in my opinion the quality of product's Tesco is more over and the prices is a littl read more >>
Jayeire  - Published on 30 March 2010
There's not too much to say about Lifestyle. Clothes aren't really great value considering we now have Tk Maxx. Staff are ok  read more>>
Jayeire  - Published on 30 March 2010
Nothing amazing. Staff are friendly but however the stock they have isn't great. Prices are quite high also.  read more>>
edugiansante  - Published on 15 March 2010
Tesco are everywhere. When I went to my friend's farm... ops, house in Edenderry we had to go to Tesco and it had pretty good deals there! There are few things (kind of fruits) you cant find in Dublin city centre. The pr read more >>  - Published on 04 February 2010
Tesco Phibsboro is better than Tesco from Parnell. I like there because is located ih the Phibsboro Centre where has other good shops near. If I could, I only would shop there.  read more>>
Bellinha  - Published on 26 January 2010
Is beside my house, so I usually do the shopping over there. They have nearly everything and always good offers.The vegetables section is not great. Just avoid going there on Sunday evenings. I went there once on Sunday even read more >>
diggedydawg  - Published on 19 January 2010
Pretty good selection of products though not as wide-ranging as it used to be. Fruit and veg are not always the freshest. This is the store I order my home deliveries from. Mostly they do an ok job but I think they should tra read more >>
alansteno  - Published on 18 January 2010
big shopping centre on Ashe road. the quality of maintenance has dropped quite considerably in the last few years. the floors are dirty and the last time i was in there was litter on hte floor.not very appealing. disappointin read more >>
lucy28  - Published on 14 January 2010
This is a great tesco as it is so big and really has everything you would want from a supermarket. The only thing is there meat counter can be a bit sparse at times so I suggest going to one of the two butchers in wilton shop read more >>
Frankie  - Published on 22 October 2009
If you live in the hills of Donegal make your way to Tesco in Letterkenny shopping centre. At the moment it saves you on a trip to derry as they have the 'no change' policiy in here. I always prefer Tesco to Dunne read more >>
beedie1980  - Published on 21 October 2009
A well planned out tesco and normally has absolutely everything you could want. It's really big and spacious and queues are hardly ever a problem. Well staffed but their timing on when to restock shelves seems to be all read more >>
peadar  - Published on 17 October 2009
A really good Tesco, Its open 24 hours and has a massive stock. You could spend hours walking the aisles and easily get lost. Not sure I like the new policy of border prices and stock - so I may avoid in the future, just to s read more >>