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 - Published on 11 October 2012
Very nice cacashier on last table.I like her.
 - Published on 10 June 2010
It's freezing in there sometimes. prefer aldi. I very go out there, wouldnt dream of going into lidl. always aldi.
 - Published on 20 April 2010
OK so I admit it, I love Lidl and this branch in Finglas is a good one. They stock good quality fruit and veg, unlike a certain other supermarket chain that rhymes with long as you are happy with your food instru read more >>
 - Published on 08 November 2009
This supermarket is good because you can get very low prices for quite good food, such as: bread, ham, etc.
Platnex  - Published on 16 October 2010
One of the better lidls, I do not like the staff in here one bit and the checkout staff can be very slow, however they are usually very well staffed, and as most people know Lidl is known for it's cheapness.  read more>>
brebilboa  - Published on 27 September 2010
Very tough to get to by car as there is a serious lack of car parking in the area. Easily got to via bus though. Other than that its your typical lidl. Street the entrance is on looks dodgy but its just full of quirky people read more >>
David5183  - Published on 07 August 2010
what can i say about lidl, the staff are so grumpy! a hello wouldnt hurt! not a great selection on food either  read more>>
lk123  - Published on 18 July 2010
This lidl is always packed and theres usually long enough queue's, mostly because of its location (very central) and the cheap prices. The prices of their fresh fruit and veg are unbeatable. The veg is always fresh and v read more >>
rarasa  - Published on 16 July 2010
This Lidl is useful for its location, there's a Tesco just up from it but it seems to fight off the competition judging by the queues inside! They have really low prices, good quality food but the layout of their stock c read more >>
sean7791  - Published on 17 June 2010
What good value. The quality is equal to its competitors and better in some products  read more>>
jennyface09  - Published on 12 June 2010
great food here all he time along with tesco ..they have great food and its really cheap the staff are very friendly welcoming and helpful.they supply food and some electronics such as camera's ...great store  read more>>
Dale O Connell  - Published on 09 June 2010
very friendly staff the food is just really cheap the food is great and imported from places like germany where the owner is from... realy good for deals and well worth shopping here  read more>>
Bogger  - Published on 21 April 2010
Everything in this place is cheap as chips. Especially the chips. If you're running low on periscopes, there'll be a special on them next week. I topped up on my range of left-handed bongs just last week.  read more>>
epbastos  - Published on 05 March 2010
Good range of products and low prices, not as low as Tesco, but still pretty good. There are some great quality products, you just have to know how to find it. I just hate the fact that is always packed and you have to wait i read more >>  - Published on 04 February 2010
for me Lidl is the cheapest of all mainly hamberguers, spaguetti, eggs, orange juice, freeway and one beer called excelcior that is very cheap but some people don't like this beer.  read more>>
Bellinha  - Published on 26 January 2010
Good quality for a great price. Everything is quite cheap but a bit messy around. Usually is packed, due to location (city centre) and they don't accept credit cards.  read more>>
charlie800  - Published on 10 November 2009
This supermarket is good because you can get very low prices for quite good food, such as: bread, ham, etc.  read more>>