Irish Film Institute


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oisinl  - Published on 24 October 2010
They show some great indie flicks here. I used to go here with my flatmate who was a big art head and I got to see some great non mainstream films. You can join and get a great deal on entrance too.  read more>>
MarkMark  - Published on 05 October 2010
The Irish Film Institute is a great place for movie lovers. Very nice cinemas and no anti social behaviour that is tolerated in some of the multiplexes. most of the screenings are open to non-members and they have a great sel read more >>
Emma  - Published on 26 September 2010
Since the revamp and facelift the IFI is even more fantastic than before! There's a great outdoor area, fantastic food in the restaurant and they always show a good range of cool arthouse films with the odd big hollywood read more >>
welcomeinjam  - Published on 15 September 2010
I absolutely love this cinema as they constantly play unexpected films from the norm and support Irish film way more than most of the established cinemas in Dublin. However I wouldn't be the biggest fan of some of the cr read more >>
megatronX  - Published on 09 August 2010
On the odd rainy day I find myself popping into the IFI to get a cheap bite to eat and have a quick nose through their cinema listings. These days it's hard to find a cheap place to sit down and halvea bite to eat and I& read more >>
rarasa  - Published on 14 July 2010
The IFI is one of my favourite places in town. I tend to go here when they're showing German movies so I can brush up on my language skills! It always has a very interesting selection of films and the actual building is read more >>
kerash  - Published on 13 July 2010
The IFI is an excellent cinema. If you'd prefer to avoid the run of the mill blockbuster movie the IFI is the cinema experience for you!! If you're looking for foreign cinema/ low budget/ limited release films th read more >>
nessy  - Published on 26 April 2010
If you want to go to see a Hollywood blockbuster to to Cineworld, the IFI on the other hand is home to foreign language cinema and independent movies and gems that would otherwise not be seen in Dublin. The IFI also hosts fil read more >>
LBQ  - Published on 21 July 2009
One of my fav places in Dublin! My advice if you like world cinema or something a little different from the mainstream films at UGC its worth becoming a member as you can get the tickets for you and a friend for alot less. read more >>
Marly  - Published on 12 July 2009
The IFI is great for finding foreign language films or other low budget, independent movies that haven't been released in mainstream/commerical cinemas. They're film festivals are ongoing so some weeks they'll read more >>