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 - Published on 29 May 2014
Find the staff really helpfull and pleasant. At times it can be really busy as only 1 serving but I guess its a sign of the times with shops having little payroll. Some of the newer games for ps4 are about 5 euro more than ot read more >>
 - Published on 29 December 2012
Wedged somewhere between impossible to contact and outright refusing to deal with customer complaints makes this ridiculous excuse for a business completely lacking in customer service. I have also found the staff at their Li read more >>
 - Published on 12 June 2011
I used to like this shop, but now I find it very hard to get help when I have a problem or games. I also find the majority of the staff can be quite unplesant in trying to get you to spend more money on something you do not n read more >>
 - Published on 19 March 2009
friendly + helpful.
Paddyg91  - Published on 21 September 2010
The staff in there really know their stuff, its great to be able to go into a gaming shop and to be able to discuss games which are coming out with people who have a genuine interest in their work it'd genuinely encourag read more >>
lornak  - Published on 16 September 2010
Great staff, extremely helpful. They now have a big selection of second hand cd's and most of them are only 3 and 4 euro. You can pre order new releases and always get new stuff straight away.  read more>>
Sm2k10  - Published on 12 September 2010
the trade prices here are unbelievably unfair. 2euro per dvd or cd???? even if its brand new!! unfair!!! its great for buying cds and dvds though but most defo not games! very cheap too!!  read more>>
edb28  - Published on 22 August 2010
Not good on trading prices awful in fact 50c for a game i would get if i traded it in and saw the same game on their shelves for 30 euro trade in Hard to find anything you need staff are not helpful at all  read more>>
edb28  - Published on 22 August 2010
Not cheap at all trade in prices are terrible its no good to any one 2 euro for a new dvd. Very dear for prices for new games not good at all all very expensive and sometimes dont work and staff are not friendly  read more>>
AlanCrowley  - Published on 18 August 2010
Generally speaking, I'd have only nice words to say about this store. On the positive side, they have a great array of new and used games on all platforms and also dvd's. Staff are always friendly and nice. However read more >>
Sm2k10  - Published on 09 August 2010
This shop is only ok. It's not good for used stuff. They only pay €2 per cd or DVD you sell to them. Even if they're new!!! And sum of the games they sell new are very overpriced. It's not very good in these re read more >>
Denises  - Published on 04 August 2010
i purchased a xbox for my boyfriend from here when it broke a month later i returned it to the shop to be told it had nothing to do with them and that the we unwilling to help which is against the law.. their staff are stupid read more >>
zero69r  - Published on 03 August 2010
Awful trade in prices, good selection of new and used games and dvds though, some staff members are a bit on the clueless side though  read more>>
lk123  - Published on 27 July 2010
Game Stop is one of the best game shops for anyone who is into video gaming. They have a great selection of both new and used games, at great prices. Theres a selection of DVD's too, lots of classic titles as well as the read more >>
casablanket  - Published on 23 July 2010
Game Stop has a great selection of new and used games at fantastic prices. Save some cash by trading your old video games for new ones. Great idea, we all have games we're fed up with. The staff here are nice and the sto read more >>
dman15333  - Published on 22 July 2010
you can buy games and dvds in gamestop cheap but they dont offer good trade in prices. But otherwise there great!! Trade in prices are not good at all as I was offered 6 euro for a game that was only 9 days old and I paid read more >>
dman15333  - Published on 22 July 2010
you can buy games and dvds in gamestop cheap but sometimes trade in prices arent good But otherwise there great!! And staff are friendly And easily found.  read more>>
Daitezen  - Published on 19 July 2010
They seem to have probably the best range of games in town, but also the highest prices, charging more than both game and xtravision for the same games. However they do occasionally have good offers, as well as the best trade read more >>
tonyosullivan  - Published on 15 July 2010
gamestop in blackpool shopping centre is a brilliant place to go for new or used playstation 3, x box, nintendo ds or any other console games. can get great bargains during sales and the staff are always helpful and mannerly, read more >>
Bogger  - Published on 26 April 2010
They take your old games in exchange for store credit, then you use same store credit to buy games, DVDs or BluRays. They obviously also sell console accessories and upgrades.  read more>>
declano  - Published on 18 April 2010
Decent enough game store with a nice selection of new and used games - my only problem with this store is how crowded it can get - which means browsing is not a pleasant experience  read more>>
cob4991  - Published on 23 October 2009
deals are very good well laid out and friendly staff that know what ur talking about  read more>>
cob4991  - Published on 23 October 2009
deals are good they let u try out your game befor u buy it  read more>>
Andy C  - Published on 15 July 2009
Great little shop for anyone who's into computer game. They have all the latest game and have amazing trade in offers too. I hate having old games lying around the house so give them a call and see what they'll tr read more >>