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 - Published on 13 January 2012
Brilliant pizza and amazing vegetarian food! Quorn meals on the menu! hooray
 - Published on 09 June 2009
 - Published on 10 December 2008
Very friendly. Good food. Reasonable prices. Not so fast on home delivery but worth the wait.
 - Published on 26 June 2008
usual pizza, always arrived hot so thats good!
littlejp  - Published on 14 October 2010
They have great lunch time deals during the week in here and it is usually quiet enough to get a seat. Can't fault the pizza and the staff are very friendly.  read more>>
littlejp  - Published on 14 October 2010
Great Pizza. Fast delivery and the staff are very friendly. Works out cheaper than Dominos and I prefer the pizza anyway.  read more>>
littlejp  - Published on 14 October 2010
Just as good as all the other Four Star Pizzas around. I have gotten deliveries from here a few times and they are always very quick and the drivers are very friendly. Cannot fault this place.  read more>>
oleary91  - Published on 13 October 2010
They have good enough offers, I used to go here all the time until Domino's pizza opened which I find better. Their pizzas are not the nicest but they are ok.  read more>>
lornak  - Published on 29 September 2010
Probably one of the best pizza delivery places on the northside. Pizza is great, they give more topping than most other places and it goes out to the edges!!! Delivery is fast and pizza is always piping hot.  read more>>
brebilboa  - Published on 27 September 2010
Ate inside here once and got numerous take aways here. Always really nice and the mega mega deal is great value - 20 quid for a 14inch pizza, wedges, garlic pizza and chicken dippers and 1.25l of coke! Unreal good.  read more>>
john marston  - Published on 27 September 2010
I always enjoy four star pizzas and this one is no different. They are good value restaurants/takeaways. The pizzas are really good and tasty too. Really handy for evenings when you just dont feel like cooking!  read more>>
brebilboa  - Published on 27 September 2010
Been to this 4 star once but ordere from it a couple of times as well. Same as every other fouir star about the town. Real nice pizza at affordable prices. Mega mega deal they do is unbeatable.  read more>>
Damien O'Kelly  - Published on 17 September 2010
Four star is awesome!! the pizza is absolutely amazing, the deals are great, including buy one get one free. every day, and delivery is very fast. dudes at the door are always polite too! highly recommended! DO IT!  read more>>
jj.funlover  - Published on 16 September 2010
Delcicious pizzas. Would try again. A++. Reccomended  read more>>
eamonkelly  - Published on 16 September 2010
Good reliable pizza place. Not my favourite in Sligo but if I can't get Bistro Bianconi this is my 2nd choice. Unfortunately they no longer deliver at lunch which was great for work particularly as the price was great.  read more>>
peep22  - Published on 12 September 2010
with four star pizza you know what your getting,nice pizza,quickly delivered without hastle and good offers on regularly which is good if your a student and are looking for a take away on a sunday night after coming back up t read more >>
bigdoby  - Published on 12 September 2010
i like pizza no matter where its from although four star is never top of my list, nor is this branch. the cheese and tomatoe topping are too filling as there is just too much but the toppings are great especially if your a me read more >>
mattdon43  - Published on 09 September 2010
This four star pizza is one of the many of a line of pizzerias in Dublin and there's not really much of a marked difference except the location. Not much of a difference to any other four star, small shop up in sandyford read more >>
mattdon43  - Published on 09 September 2010
This four star pizza is one of the many of a line of pizzerias in Dublin and there's not really much of a marked difference except the location. Not much of a difference to any other four star, small shop up in churchtow read more >>
kloecor  - Published on 04 September 2010
Not a huge fan of Four Star Pizza. The food isn't that great here. They do have some great offers on nearly all the time which is good.  read more>>
Santa7  - Published on 24 August 2010
As Four Star Pizzas go this one is pretty nice. A good location beside the cinema. They do good lunch deals and have nice pizza. Check out their offers online, you can find some good deals.  read more>>
truviste  - Published on 19 August 2010
not as good as domios or pizzza hut but one of the best pizza places out there  read more>>
sachin004  - Published on 13 August 2010
I love 4 star pizza, it is very delicious, tasty and first class service.  read more>>
revo2008  - Published on 09 August 2010
This place is now gone from Marino due to lack of business. It was nice but expensive when it came to grub. One thing about Marino is not a lot of people order takeaways so they dont really survive  read more>>
numbernone  - Published on 08 August 2010
Four Star has one big pro, the various offers which they run that usually result in a pretty good deal for you. Unfortunately this is offset somewhat by the quality of their pizza which is deeply average.  read more>>
Jiggy  - Published on 29 July 2010
Quick delivery and delicious pizza! The vouchers they have are great offers. Id recommend four star to any pizza lover! :)  read more>>
AlanCrowley  - Published on 22 July 2010
Four star pizza has long been my favourite pizzeria in Ireland and this particular four star always provides a great service that matches their respected name all around Ireland. Toppings are plentiful, prices are reasonable read more >>
Daitezen  - Published on 19 July 2010
Order from them occasionally, and while they have some bargains in there, the food isn't particularly good. Delivery is fairly quick, and ordering online is a bonus, but there are quite a few pizza places in town, and i read more >>
kbizzle  - Published on 16 July 2010
Four star pizza is a grand pizza place as you know exactly what it is gonna be like no matter which one in the country you go to. They usually have good deals on too and delivery is always on time.  read more>>
lk123  - Published on 16 July 2010
Honestly, I only ever eat at Four Star Pizza when theres some kind of offer on. The price of the food is good and they give good portions but the pizza is just average to me. Coupons for this place are available very often th read more >>
tommy26241  - Published on 16 July 2010
love the pizza from here, normally take the ham off and give it to the dog  read more>>
Pekaboo  - Published on 15 July 2010
I love four star no matter what the branch to be honest. the food is always great and the vouchers are cool. we used to live on it when it was spend 30 euro get it for 15 euro. now its gone up to 40 but it isnt too bad. also read more >>
rarasa  - Published on 13 July 2010
Four Star Pizza's alright for a quick snack or if you're not up for cooking. I prefer the taste of their pizza to that of their main competitors, and they do have good meal deals. Any time I've ordered a delive read more >>
coleyface  - Published on 24 June 2010
Four star pizza have a great selection of food, and are very fast at delivering. they have friendly staff. along with having great offers and vouchers on store and on delivery!  read more>>
sean7791  - Published on 17 June 2010
a good selection and the quality never differs.  read more>>
beccacino  - Published on 16 June 2010
yummmmmmmy peperoni its my fav place for peperoni pizza i do not like their garlic bread or dips however  read more>>
kbizzle  - Published on 15 June 2010
Irish owned four star pizza is located beside the on rockwood parade beside Kennedys pub. The pizzas can be quite bland and the sides (fries, chicken tenders etc) can be quite dry. Use the Bistro instead for pizzas  read more>>
charlie800  - Published on 08 June 2010
This pizzeria is focused in pizzas to deliver or take away. The quality is just on the average. There are many companies like this one, were you won't really get the best quality on pizzas, but these places could be read more >>
darren.eek  - Published on 04 June 2010
Good thin crust pizza. I was told by a neighbor to e-mail them and they would send a coupon for a free pizza. I did, they did and I'm glad I did. I'm hooked.We order at least once a week now.Think I'll order on read more >>
darren.eek  - Published on 03 June 2010
I love this place. The people who work there are very nice- the owners are the best and their pizza is so good- I just love it. I eat there at least once a week and everyone that I have turned onto this place loves it. Check read more >>
Fox  - Published on 03 June 2010
Four Star is a top-notch pizza place. The prices aren't that special but their extensive range of vouchers makes them a great option for poor students. Really fast delivery and eager to please staff, I've only ever read more >>
scaldy  - Published on 01 June 2010
Being a slightly chubby person I absoloutely love four star pizza. I always get delivery from them. The delivery is fast. The prices are fair and they always have a voucher for something or other. The pizza's form there read more >>
epbastos  - Published on 18 April 2010
I tried this pizza once and i got tell you, if it was it for me, they should change their name to One Star Pizza. I ordered a simple margherita and they manage to ruin it by over cooking and putting a terrible cheese on it.  read more>>
declano  - Published on 13 April 2010
This is located up the top of my mams road, and I normally get pizza within 15 from them, so this review is biased, but I have to say the fact they arrive piping hot is fantastic. 4 Star have good selection and are pretty mu read more >>
joseph.p.obrien  - Published on 29 March 2010
The pizza here is very nice and there is always a few offers to be had if you read the menu properly before just ordering a pizza. The location is excellent, right next to all the clubs, and they of course stay open late to s read more >>
epbastos  - Published on 27 March 2010
Ok, it's not gourmet pizza by any means. But they do this pizza - it's called the scorcher - it is the spiciest pizza in Galway! This place is also really cool about substituting ingredients - say you don't lik read more >>
galos  - Published on 23 December 2009
nice pizzas they go easy on the sauce and heavy on the cheese. always on time very pleasant delivery drivers. overall nice pizzas and good service  read more>>
Goldfish  - Published on 13 October 2009
4 star are always consistant with their pizzas which is something I appreciate. Not too heavy on the tomato topping, never a soggy base and a decent amount of topping. Cheaper than some of the other options that are sometimes read more >>
CKONE  - Published on 30 July 2009
I am not the biggest Pizza fan but they do make the nicest Pizza's and they are always ready quickly so dont have to wait around for it tobe cooked.  read more>>
DKM  - Published on 30 June 2009
Four Star Pizza always do good deals and I like the pizza's. fast delivery and friendly staff.  read more>>
Brian1985  - Published on 29 June 2009
The pizza is a massive fan of tomato sauce on pizza though and they don't put to much on so when your ordering make sure to request extra tomato really makes it! Ask for the special offer meal dea read more >>