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 - Published on 19 December 2011
Not sure how long Easons have offered an on line service but my experience with this has been a total disaster. Ordered two books, which were in stock according to their web site. One book arrived. When I phoned about this, I read more >>
 - Published on 07 October 2011
I think you need to set up an email, i would like to ask you order in a magazine for me, It is called NeoMag and its an anime/manga/japan filled magazine, i used to be able to get it in Burnes in Gorey but unfortunatly it has read more >>
 - Published on 20 April 2010
Eason's Street in O'Connell Street is right at the heart of Dublin City Centre. It's a great book store, with everything that you could possibly want, also loads of magazines both international and domestic cov read more >>
 - Published on 06 August 2009
very nice place
 - Published on 26 April 2009
Great Shop with a bunch of brillent girls and Pacelli!!!!
 - Published on 26 April 2009
 - Published on 27 June 2008
Excellent collection of everything! Great stationary department upstairs - selling all kinds of everything. If you have time to kill, you should go in and browse their huge collection
 - Published on 27 June 2008
Not as comprehensive as their sister shop on O'Connell street, but it does the trick nicely!
inputfunnywordhere  - Published on 28 August 2011
Awful service. Staff act like it's a chore to help you. They never have the book I'm looking for, never! The only good thing about Easons is their stationery department and because of that they get one star other read more >>
clocks  - Published on 24 October 2010
This Easons is huge and has such a brilliant collection of books and magazines. It has the best location imaginable right on OConnell st. The staff are great too and theres always a buzz around the shop from it opening in the read more >>
oisinl  - Published on 24 October 2010
They have pretty much any book you want. Although it is massive, you might want to ask a staff member for help in finding a book, as it is so big. Staff are friendly too and you can pick up everything from books to stationary read more >>
Reindeer  - Published on 19 October 2010
Really good selection of books and a nice stationary section upstairs. HOWever, they are ridiculously (and I mean ridiculously) expensive. Books are nearly always full price or even more expensive. I popped into waterstones a read more >>
welcomeinjam  - Published on 19 October 2010
This particular easons has an extremely great selection and you are most likely to find whatever book you set out to find. It also has a tower records on the top floor which is very handy if you However as previously pointed read more >>
smiles  - Published on 17 October 2010
Easons are such great bookshops and this is the best of the lot! Its such a massive shop located in such a central place! Its always packed with customers and my goodness the queues are HUGE coming up to christmas. Great sele read more >>
hiyaz  - Published on 17 October 2010
I love this store on multiple levels. Customer service is very good too. There is a huge selection of books and other stuff on offer. Great for essentials for the school kids too and college students. Prices are reasonable ov read more >>
phil22  - Published on 10 October 2010
Brilliant for magazines and books and stationary but some of the shops are very big so be prepared to ask for help if you're looking for a specific book!  read more>>
ryan96  - Published on 08 October 2010
great for books and magazines and school acessories.got a great fountin pen in easons  read more>>
Mahon O'Brien  - Published on 08 October 2010
Great Book Shop if ur looking for anyhting to do wi work its your place! In a really great area and isnt to expensive! Great selection of books for any age! Ive found some really good books that ive never found in any other b read more >>
alphatronic72  - Published on 05 October 2010
I really love this store. Probably my favorite in Dublin. Has such a great range of products on many levels and pretty reasonably good quality too. The cafe is a haven from the mad world outside. Love the books, magazines and read more >>
Carolinexx  - Published on 04 October 2010
What can I say, u want a book, magazine, school books, stationary - u name it Easons has it! Its a One stop shop! And the Staff are very helpful!!!  read more>>
pedrocon  - Published on 03 October 2010
wide variety of things available here,handy location in the middle of town! to be honest i normally head in here to read the magazines for a while but usually fairly competitive prices here too! what you would expect from an read more >>
Platnex  - Published on 03 October 2010
Great selections, great staff and spaning over multiple floors, the prices are competitve and they host a wide range of guest signings through the years, if you are looking for new books or hard to find, come here, if you are read more >>
John Griffin  - Published on 30 September 2010
Great selection at very good prices. They often get celebrities in for book signings as well; Tony Blair recently signed his autobiography there. Great location which is clearly a positive as well  read more>>
rarasa  - Published on 30 September 2010
I really like this branch of Eason's, and I find it almost impossible to go in here and not go to the cafe upstairs (some amazing sea views!). In general the selection is quite good, not huge but good enough to be a good read more >>
Damien O'Kelly  - Published on 29 September 2010
excellent book store in the heart of the city center. covers everything from books, to stationary, to presents for all occasions. not a bad selection of halloween costumes either! staff are very friendly and they get a lot o read more >>
KobeInDaBuildin  - Published on 29 September 2010
no matter what kid of book or magazine you are looking for you are sure to find it here. they have everything from biographies to child fiction. i do a lot of reading and this is the only place in town that you will find what read more >>
Santa7  - Published on 27 September 2010
I'm reviewing the cafe, not the shop. I had lunch here last week. I got the stuffed chicken with veg. The portion wasn't fantastic but it was ok for lunch. Prices vary but lunch usually cost around a tenner. The sof read more >>
eatabig  - Published on 27 September 2010
Not really my kinda book shop atall Easons is huge and all but they dont seem to stock up on every book i want but they seem to fit my mom in and even my dads tastes sometimes,Although it is an extremely popular store for boo read more >>
john marston  - Published on 26 September 2010
This is the best book shop I have ever been in. I am a big fan of tonnes of different specialised collectors magazines that are impossible to find in small bookshops but Easons never fails for me they always have what I am lo read more >>
brebilboa  - Published on 24 September 2010
Without a doubt this is by far the best bookshop I've been to in Dublin. It stocks pretty much everything and I believe if they dont' have what you are looking for they'll order it for you. Massive store with p read more >>
flower  - Published on 23 September 2010
I really like this store and feel like I could spend hours in here easily! I love the ground floor section... just full of magazines and new books! Downstairs there is a lovely children's area and upstairs has a great ca read more >>
littlejp  - Published on 19 September 2010
This place is more of a landmark in town than it is simply a shop. It's in a fantastic building with 4 floors of stuff. You could find pretty much everything you could want in here from school books to electronics to dvd read more >>
David1122  - Published on 19 September 2010
Its very hard to avoid going into Easons for a browse when in the shopping centre. They have a big selection of magazines and books on the ground floor and plenty of stationary and cards upstairs. One complaint I'd have read more >>
lornak  - Published on 19 September 2010
Not my kinda book shop... This place is just too big and its kind of hard to find anything. The staff are not really that helpful and it just doesn't have the same character as chapters. Trying to find a magazine can be read more >>
Pretty_Princess  - Published on 13 September 2010
One great book store, especially their 3 for 2 offer on books. They had a sale on their travel guides there recently too. Upstairs part is great for stationary, cards, wrapping paper and other small stuff (notebooks, diaries read more >>
Whistlingmilk  - Published on 09 August 2010
This is probably my favourite Easons in all of Ireland. It's huge and has everything from magazines to dictionaries and plenty of selection of them. The staff have always been friendly to me and ready to help, and the co read more >>
casablanket  - Published on 22 July 2010
Although this isn't their largest store it is a handy place to nab yourself a paper or magazine for the way home. The staff are very nice and accomodating. It is well run and there is a good order to the store and you ca read more >>
dubgirlracer2010  - Published on 19 July 2010
This is a popular store for book signings so whenever i see a big queue outside i always have a nosey! it is a huge Easons and they have almost every magazine in many languages. they always have great offers like 3 for 2 whic read more >>
Reindeer  - Published on 19 July 2010
I like the upstairs part of easons. They have a fantastic stationary department and a good selection of cards. They also have some electronics, but to be honest I wouldn't actually buy that stuff there, think it's o read more >>
rarasa  - Published on 18 July 2010
Besides the fact this Easons is huge another thing I like about it is the cafes. There's one at the top at Tower Records, where you get a really good view of the ever-bustling O'Connell Street but my favourite is th read more >>
casablanket  - Published on 18 July 2010
I've always loved Easons Cafe as a meeting point for friends or just for somewhere decent to eat . The cafe has plenty of natural light and the food is really nice - for example their yummy quiche and salad. The place is read more >>
lk123  - Published on 18 July 2010
I think the selection of stationary and supplies in this Easons store is better than the selection of books. They do have a decent book selection but you'll find better elsewhere. The upstairs part has the stationary sec read more >>
rarasa  - Published on 15 July 2010
I prefer this Easons to the one on O'Connell Street. Even though it's smaller there are less queues and it's much more of a straight forward affair - go in, get what you want and leave. In the one on O'Con read more >>
lk123  - Published on 15 July 2010
I pass this Eason & Son store on Talbot street often on my way from Connolly Station. The books selection is a lot smaller than other stores, unless its a very well known and popular book you probably won't find it h read more >>
AlanCrowley  - Published on 14 July 2010
Easons is a central feature of Dublin City. If you want magazine's or books, it is by far the best place to visit. A wonderful array of products will catch your eye in this shop and prices are not extortionate. A fine pl read more >>
lk123  - Published on 14 July 2010
This is one of my favorite Easons stores! The staff were very helpful about ordering in some books for me that they don't usually stock. They have seating in parts of the store so you can sit down and have a read of a bo read more >>
Elliee B  - Published on 13 July 2010
I love a trip to Easons to pick up some gossip mags. They've a huge selection on the ground floor of books and magazines. The staff are very friendly and helpful with finding books and suggestions of new books. Some ti read more >>
lucoops2345  - Published on 06 July 2010
Has an okay range of books and magazines. Not as good of a selection as Hughes and Hughes just down the road. Also a little more expensive. Does have a newagent in the building too which is handy. Also school supplies upstair read more >>
Toni  - Published on 24 June 2010
I love this shop. always have the best magazines and books around. great for getting the little things aswell  read more>>
Caroanne  - Published on 08 June 2010
Great bookshop, has everything you want. Good selection of books of all genre. Where Eason's miss out a little is it lack's that "book shop" feel, it's a little too bright, and not the kind of soothi read more >>
dubgirlracer2010  - Published on 07 June 2010
This easons is quite good, spread over 2 floors and they have loads of books. They always have great 3 for 2 offers on in store which is great when buying a set of books. I got the whole twilight saga set of 4 books for about read more >>
rarasa  - Published on 07 June 2010
Really handy local Easons for when you can't get to O'Connell Street. Very reliable for art materials, there's an extensive range of paints and cardboards. There's also an impressive selection of both spec read more >>
darren.eek  - Published on 03 June 2010
I love this Eason & Son, its clean, organized, quiet and has a great location. TheEason & Son is for those that really want to have a nice trip to bookstore, have a coffee, walk around and enjoy the day. Kudos to read more >>
wyvernfriend  - Published on 29 May 2010
This place is a compact store and therefore seems to pack stock in, almost too much stock sometimes. It has a decent variety of magazines. The book collection is mostly bestsellers but they do offer to supply anything they read more >>
blimp  - Published on 25 May 2010
This is a very good Easons.The top floor has a cafe and Tower Records outlet. There is a great supply of stationary for all your office or home supplies.There is also a great range of newspapers and magazines as well as books read more >>
ossie90  - Published on 25 May 2010
without doubt the best bookshop in ireland everything you want and more with a massive selection of books and papers etc. the staff very friendly and all so very friendly would highly recommend  read more>>
student  - Published on 21 May 2010
Easons has always been my number one port of call whether I'm looking for art supplies, a specialist magazine or even a nice little gift. The stationery supplies here are great and there is a nice little cafe on the top read more >>
student  - Published on 21 May 2010
This is a grand spot for books of any kind and there is a good selection of magazines, art supplies,stationery and wrapping paper. You can also avail of a 10% discount on art supplies if you have a current student ID.  read more>>
fluky1  - Published on 14 May 2010
I was a runner up in the recent Eason Book Quiz. on Facebook. There were 30 Questions and it was fun doing the quiz. As a prize I'm getting 2 books and look forward to reading them during the Summer. You can look up t read more >>
kerash  - Published on 10 May 2010
Good Easons, Clean and organised. They have a big selection of magazines and the book area is large. There is a stationary section with lots of stuff and the staff are surely helpfull and nice. There's a good big car read more >>
Sandardie  - Published on 04 May 2010
This is shop that you do not want to hush through the selection of books is unbelieveable and all well labled and easy to find what you are looking for and evern if you cant the staff are very helpful. They have an excellent read more >>
Elliee B  - Published on 03 May 2010
Great Easons. One of the best. Always great value to be had. My daughter loves this shop. Great selection of mags and treats!  read more>>
ciaraoreilly  - Published on 03 May 2010
I have to say im a very happy person with this place at the moment I won a few books in a competition that I wudnt read with this place, I explained ot the shop assistant and they let me go and pick books of my choice and ret read more >>
siobhany  - Published on 01 May 2010
Really nice big store,with a great range of books.Its pretty huge,and the books are affordable enough!:)However,they don't like you reading books in the shop...I learnt that the hard way.Go visit!  read more>>
nessy  - Published on 27 April 2010
Eason's is great for their range of weekly magazine and up to the minute books in the best sellers list, They have a good selection of cards and stationary but nothing that can't be bought for slightly cheaper in R read more >>
Bogger  - Published on 20 April 2010
If you want to buy a book, they have it. If you need stationery, they have it, need a magazine, they have it. If they don't have it, they can get it, quickly. Conveniently located in the same place as the landmark wi read more >>
Denisetbutler  - Published on 20 April 2010
This is a large easons with lots of extras like stationary and paints. The kids sections is really good  read more>>
Joanna  - Published on 20 April 2010
Easons on O'Connell street is great for a larger selection of books especially educational ones.. I would use the Eason's in Blanchardstown alot as it is close to where I live but often go to this branch for a bette read more >>
Joanna  - Published on 19 April 2010
Easons is great for stationary needs from pens to calculaters to painting accesories and also has a wide selection of books from novels to educational and then not to forget their gossip mags to there wide selection of hobby read more >>
franlucas.cisco  - Published on 04 February 2010
Always I went to Eason from Oconnel Street for to buy magazines about management and Technology Information and newspaper from many coutries. I like there bacause also has a new books and DVD as well.  read more>>
mari2222  - Published on 29 January 2010
this is probably the biggest Easons in ireland. The selection of books is good and well laid out. it is a busy place, so sometimes there is a queue to pay. The staff are friendly, and the location right on O Connell Street read more >>
epbastos  - Published on 17 January 2010
Great book store. You can find almost everything here, from magazines to books, from travel guides to music CDs. By the way, the music part is just as great, with a lot of hard to find artists.  read more>>
AnnieB82  - Published on 10 January 2010
I find Easons just ok as a shop. At least compared to Borders which sadly closed in Blanchardstown last year. Easons is in the higher price end in terms of books/stationery, and you would probably find stationery cheaper else read more >>
CKONE  - Published on 02 November 2009
Got a wide range of books to choose from from all the great artists and selections of magazines to suit all types people and interests. I found the staff very helpful when looking for a specfic book, and are willing to order read more >>
Frankie  - Published on 22 October 2009
I like Eason's and its so handy that its in the SC, I can never resist buying a good book while Im out shopping. Always has the latest and this shop is always great for special offers - 3 books for 20Euro etc.  read more>>
peadar  - Published on 17 October 2009
Your bound to compare one Easons with another and this one isnt the best. This one is split over two floors. The upstairs has the stationary and the cards, while the downstairs has the books and magazines. Its grand if your i read more >>
Goldfish  - Published on 17 October 2009
I love eason cos they are one of the only stores, if not the only store in Dublin that sells a magazine I'm into. You're probably reading this thinking perv, but it's not like that, seriously. They also have th read more >>
Mari87  - Published on 12 October 2009
Its is good store,yes, with big collections but not so many bargains that I can see  read more>>
LBQ  - Published on 26 July 2009
For years they ordered in for me my nerdy hobby magazines. They still have the biggest selection in Dublin of magazines catering for all interests and tastes. They also have a good selection of books relating to Irish interes read more >>
Philip_Dub  - Published on 24 July 2009
Huge store out here in Blanchardstown. I am a big fan of Eason cause everytime I am in here i am constantly amazed by the variety of magazines that these guys stock! Amazing! Great selection of stationary too and books. Very read more >>
Philip_Dub  - Published on 24 July 2009
Its not very often that I make my way down to Talbot street, but I have been in here a good few times and though not as big as other Eason shops around Dublin, this place is still fairly impressive. Huge selection of magazine read more >>
Mamie  - Published on 21 July 2009
Great selection - staff helpful  read more>>
Mamie  - Published on 21 July 2009
Selection not bad - difficult to get staff to help - not enough of them  read more>>
Brian1985  - Published on 20 July 2009
Got a massive range of books...from new to old. Always found it the best place for school supplies, books etc. If your interested in art they have a huge range of different types of paper,drawing pencils,paints and brushes.  read more>>