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 - Published on 18 January 2014
Re Georges St., Co. Dublin. While a nice enough store, with fairly reasonable selection for its size, some of the security staff bring the place down, I was harassed by a foreign worker there numerous times for no reason at a read more >>
 - Published on 16 April 2011
I don't know where some of the recent commenters went, but it wasn't Dunnes in Knocknacarra. Parking is of course free and always has been, and I don't know how much closer the car park could be unless you made read more >>
 - Published on 11 July 2010
The Dunnes in the St. Stephens Green shopping centre is a TRUE department store! With several floors of clothing, footwear, accessories, and home goods, there is something to offer for every shopper! I was most impressed with read more >>
 - Published on 11 July 2010
Dunnes, located in the Swan Center in Rathmines has impressively low prices for groceries. I choose Dunnes to do my weekly food shopping because the prices are unbeatable. The off license store also sells liquor for great pri read more >>
 - Published on 05 May 2010
This is a brilliant Dunnes Store, it's massive!! This shop on Henry Street has everything, the issue I have with this store is that it can get uber messy which is annoying.
 - Published on 05 May 2010
Dunnes Storre based in the the St Stephen's Green Shopping Centre at the top of Grafton Street is a great store. Selling a great choice of men's, women's & children's clothes, shoes, homeware and soft read more >>
 - Published on 14 July 2008
Store very expensive, promotion on top of isles more expensive than items on the shelves eg Tayto crisps:promo 18packs (including 4 supposedly free packs) x17g=306g, €4.04 On the shelve: 12 pack x25g=300g, €2.69
mickym_87  - Published on 19 October 2010
great place wide range of clothing compared to usual ones and big homeware section with good deals. Nice staff and good location although car parks could be closer.  read more>>
ryan96  - Published on 10 October 2010
always do the shopping here and great prices!  read more>>
brebilboa  - Published on 05 October 2010
One of the bigger and better DUnnes Stores around. Always very busy and therefore can be quite messy with random items in random places. Clothes section is decent too but can also be messy cause of the numbers of people. Park read more >>
brebilboa  - Published on 27 September 2010
Big enough Dunnes situated insdie Stephens Green Shopping Centre. Lack of parking though and tough enough to get to and from if plnanning on doing a big shopping. Other than that, inside its quite nice and has everything ever read more >>
john marston  - Published on 27 September 2010
This isn't my favourite Dunnes to be honest but saying that its okay. The mens section is mediocore, but you can still find nice enough casual clothes here. Its in a good location though which is a good point.  read more>>
brebilboa  - Published on 25 September 2010
This is your typical Dunnes Stores for sure. Nice enough layout inside, plenty of free car parking spaces outside and plenty of staff to help you if you need it. THere's also a clothing section in this Dunnes as its rath read more >>
Tom McNamara  - Published on 16 September 2010
Love this Dunnes Stores; huge premises with something for all the family, great clothes at an excellent price. The staff are always in a good mood and are a credit to Dunnes!  read more>>
charlie28  - Published on 14 September 2010
As far as supermarkets go this is pretty small, but it does have all the main deals a large one does. The aisles are quite small and there does be alot of congestion. The off licience is pretty tame also. The drapery and home read more >>
Pretty_Princess  - Published on 13 September 2010
The most I like about this shop is a fresh fish counter, which usually has good deals. Otherwise one of the biggest Dunnes Stores out of there with excellent selection and deals. Upstairs is clothes and home store, which is h read more >>
ciano1  - Published on 12 September 2010
Probably one of the bigger Dunnes Stores in Ireland. Pretty good selection of everyday groceries. Deli counter leaves a lot to be desired as they're lacking in selection especially with hot foods  read more>>
mattdon43  - Published on 09 September 2010
Large shopping area and a good selection of dunnes brand clothing too. There is also a nice little coffee shop and a smaller shop too. Plenty of car parking spaces with a multistorey carpark.  read more>>
rickybobby  - Published on 08 September 2010
I dont do alot of my clothes shopping here its more for the older customer but its handy to pick up cheap socks and jocks.The food here is quite good and they do have good offers on every week  read more>>
kloecor  - Published on 04 September 2010
Handy place to go to and great prices. Lots of the staff aren't that friendly while some are. Customer service needs improving. Other than that, I love Dunnes Stores!  read more>>
Caoimhe25588  - Published on 31 August 2010
Strange looking store, everything is a bit all over the place the food is in one place and the childrens and mens wear upstairs but womens wear is in a completely diff building!!  read more>>
Bonneyann  - Published on 24 August 2010
A great location for this store as it is a split level store. From the main street you enter into the drapery department with the home section to the rear, down the stairs brings you to the grocery department which has an ent read more >>
rarasa  - Published on 18 August 2010
This Dunnes generally get a resounding "meh" from me. It's only clothes, there's no grocery section so I don't go in here too often. It's always well stocked, and the prices aren't too bad, read more >>
maggiem  - Published on 16 August 2010
This store is a bit strange,Its like a walk through store that doesnt entice you into the aisles off the main path.Its up and down steps and doesnt flow.I always get confused as theres two dunnes stores here not far from each read more >>
Mary Kenny  - Published on 12 August 2010
this shop has gone very down hill over the years they use to have a great selection of clothes but that seems to ave dwindled. Hardly any savida range and seem to stock alot of casual clothes. Also there are never enough staf read more >>
Sm2k10  - Published on 09 August 2010
I'm a tesco man myself but I must say I'm very fond of this dunnes. It has a very good chlothes department and a very good managment. Their all very friendly and talk to me genuinely whenever I go in. Lovely place !  read more>>
coleyface  - Published on 03 August 2010
This dunnes stores is tiny!! any friends of mine only use it as a off license. theres a great selection of drinks and it handy to pick up a few nibbly bits if needed. its not the kind of place to do a weeks shop in. but the read more >>
lk123  - Published on 01 August 2010
Handy place to come if you're in a rush but I wouldn't do my weekly shop here. Its always jam packed and the queues are very long, even at the kiosk. The shop is big but I can never find everything I want in here so read more >>
lk123  - Published on 24 July 2010
The location of this Dunnes shop is really handy, its very central. Its small enough but I have always found everything that I needed in here. The deli is great and the food from it is always very nice, great if you're i read more >>
casablanket  - Published on 24 July 2010
There is a good range of clothing and household items here. Keep an eye out for their sales and you could be getting stuff for an absolute steal.I got my mother a lovely set of delph from here and she couldn't believe it read more >>
casablanket  - Published on 24 July 2010
This branch is nicely laid out and it is usually quite busy because of its location.The staff are very nice and you can get some great bargains on your weekly food shop.The atmosphere is grand a bit hustled and bustled though read more >>
rarasa  - Published on 23 July 2010
Great Dunnes Stores, it's pretty big and not as well known as the Dunnes in The Square so usually there are short queues and more stock at the end of the day if you need to run in to pick up some last minute things. The read more >>
Santa7  - Published on 21 July 2010
I love the location but this isn't the countries best kept Dunnes stores. I like the layout of the department part. It has a good flow to it. However you could find anything anywhere.  read more>>
Pavia  - Published on 20 July 2010
Dunnes stores is quite a handy place to shop for your groceries plus it offers quality service and the recent products. You dont have to have a fat wallet either as the place has reasonable prices for all your shopping needs. read more >>
Reindeer  - Published on 19 July 2010
Not so much of a fan of Dunnes anymore. Find the Dunnes in Sligo to be messy and not very well organised. Prefer to stick to local shops lately. In saying that there are some things that are better value in Dunnes than in the read more >>
Daitezen  - Published on 19 July 2010
Closest supermarket to me, so is my regular supermarket. Usually pretty good service, wide selection of products, especially love the cheap clothes, though avoid any footware from there, falls apart after 5 minutes. Have had read more >>
dubgirlracer2010  - Published on 19 July 2010
the clothes department is quite big and always has nice clothes but the grocery end is terrible. twice i have gone here with my mam and just left the trolley there and went to tesco instead. they had a crap variety of fresh f read more >>
Reindeer  - Published on 19 July 2010
Quite a good Dunnes Stores. A bit sparse on the baking side of things, but a good selection of fish. It is nice to see local produce and fish and meat products appearing on shelves too. Pretty good pricewise. They have good f read more >>
Reindeer  - Published on 19 July 2010
This is handy, it's a nice central location and they generally have good fruit and veg. It's decent and clean too. Staff aren't particularly friendly tho, and I found myself just not bothering to ask if I neede read more >>
rarasa  - Published on 17 July 2010
I really like this Dunnes, it's a very good size and they often have beauty products here that are cheaper than in place like Boots or Superdrug. The grocery section has quite a big selection of items, and the staff are read more >>
lk123  - Published on 16 July 2010
One of the biggest Dunnes Stores shops in the area. Very handy for doing your weekly (or monthly!) shop. The front is mostly clothes and home goods and in the back is the food selection. You'll find all that you need her read more >>
lk123  - Published on 16 July 2010
This Dunnes Stores shop is a bit small so I wouldn't do a whole weekly shop here but its very handy for picking up nessesities if you're in a hurry. The staff are always nice and the shop is very clean and stocked w read more >>
lk123  - Published on 15 July 2010
I prefer the Henry Street store (Something I don't usually say!) I think the selection in the other store is much better and they have a better range of sizes available. I came here looking for a pair of shoes that I had read more >>
rarasa  - Published on 15 July 2010
I really like this Dunnes, it's really small so is perfect to run in to for your lunch break. The deli's not too expensive either and the staff are very efficient. The queues can be quite long, but generally people read more >>
dubgirlracer2010  - Published on 15 July 2010
I try to avoid this Dunnes if I can for groceries, I hate the layout of it and i just find it awkward to get around and do my weekly shop in, plus I hate when you go from the freezer section into an isle with granny nickers a read more >>
rarasa  - Published on 14 July 2010
Fantastic Dunnes, is huge and very well laid out. The design of the shop is very modern, and the restaurant upstairs serves very tasty food, with excellent service. I love going in here, you really wouldn't think it was read more >>
lk123  - Published on 14 July 2010
I have only been in this Dunnes 2-3 times but its a great store. It's much bigger than any of the others I have been in. Upstairs is a great selection of clothes and downstairs is the food hall. I have to say the food pa read more >>
Bogger  - Published on 05 July 2010
One of the new streamline Dunnes, without carpet tiles, or trolleys full of socks. Prices are decent as Dunnes are getting used to something called competition. Nice place to wander around if you're homeless for some rea read more >>
neens  - Published on 04 July 2010
This is a very nice shop as far as dunnes go, its your typical run of the mill dunnes, and it has a nice restauraunt down the back. Used to be 24 hour, which was handy, but the close at around 11 now. handy for parking.  read more>>
JasonMc  - Published on 29 June 2010
philmcn is right this dunnes is very big. Its almost too big in one sense. There seems to be a lot of empty spaces and the shelves never really seem to be packed very full. But they do as all other Dunnes Stores have good off read more >>
aido  - Published on 28 June 2010
ya this dunnes has seen better days, they dont seem to be making the effort any more, there clothes and food sections are poor your better off going to the new one on patricks street thats where all the good stuff is  read more>>
aido  - Published on 28 June 2010
this is a good shopping center they have a large food and drink section, they also have a pretty good clothes section, i have bought a few t shirts and hoodies from here pretty good quality pretty good price  read more>>
philmnc  - Published on 27 June 2010
Very big dunnes stores in Limerick City right at the end of the pedestrianised street in Liemrick City. There is a bus stop like right outside the placew which must generate alot of business because everytime I pass by here t read more >>
Dale O Connell  - Published on 24 June 2010
good store dont shop here much as i shop with tesco alot as they are cheaper but this store is good too.the staff are very nice and they have good prices on the food and the store is very nice too  read more>>
rubberbandgirl  - Published on 19 June 2010
This is a medium sized Dunnes, with a reasonable clothes department and a very small home department. You can still get some good deals from Dunnes, but I find these days that Tesco is beating them in the price war.  read more>>
Sydo  - Published on 15 June 2010
Good for 'on the go' groceries. Too expensive for everyday shopping but handy from time to time. Most of the time feels like there is not enough staff to serve customers fast.  read more>>
jennyface09  - Published on 10 June 2010
great store have everything i need rarely go there as tesco is cheaper but hen i wana buy a new tv r anything i always go there but they have great deals and a lovely cafe and well worth shopping here  read more>>
jennyface09  - Published on 10 June 2010
good store..very small and nice..the staff are very nice too they are a bit expensive but if you are in town and fancy a drink its better then going to the shop....great services and a great choice of wines too  read more>>
jennyface09  - Published on 10 June 2010
very nice place ...very large shop has a lot of nice clothes and a big store for food in the back....there is xtra vision ,a shop, mcdonalds and a lot of other shops near it oo...great store but tesco is a personal favouite a read more >>
fluky1  - Published on 08 June 2010
This was my first time in this new store as I only remember the old very out of date shop which did nothing to impress you. They have a cafe upstairs which was lovely but the tables were not cleared and it would not tempt m read more >>
Ryu Hoshi  - Published on 08 June 2010
liking the new dunnes, good and spacious , nicely laid out. when it first opened there was still the two old dunnes open in the ilac , so there was also specialized dunnes ( groceries , kids clothes) but nobody was really bot read more >>
dubgirlracer2010  - Published on 07 June 2010
This is a dump of a store. It never has any fresh fruit or vegetables, its still too dear and although they have offers like buy 3 meat items for €10, the meat is pure dirt. Got 2 packets of mince on offer and it was full of read more >>
Dale O Connell  - Published on 06 June 2010
very cheap supermarket.welcome everyone and always have great deals on. their resturaunt is very clean tidy and cheap ... also offer home appliances and beds chairs and other things that can be used at home... have a hot food read more >>
casablanket  - Published on 30 May 2010
Dunnes stores is very friendly. The staff know most of the customers . The sell a large range of groceries and specialist goods. They also sell electric goods, electronic goods and kitchen and bed ware. They even stock some c read more >>
MrsBucket  - Published on 29 May 2010
Not a bad spot to get some clothes for adults or kids.There are also some shoes and boots and coats to choose from as well as toiletries,bathroom accessories and general homeware.  read more>>
blimp  - Published on 25 May 2010
you can get some nice kids clothes here as well as adult clothes.On the secomd floor they have a range of homeware products which are very good value and in the Christmas period they do great decorations here.  read more>>
casablanket  - Published on 25 May 2010
This is a nice branch of Dunnes Stores - its on 3 floors -the food department is located in the basement floor. You can get some lovely items for your home here especially as Paul Costelloe has a range for Dunnes here.  read more>>
Teddy  - Published on 20 May 2010
I have only been here just the once but it was not a great first visit. I was informed that I would find a decent shirt in here for 15 yoyo's. There was indeed a good few shirts but none of them were particularily nice, read more >>
edubliner  - Published on 19 May 2010
Probably the cheapest shop of the city center for you who needs to buy clothes, accessories, food or something like that. Busy and big office. It has a great staff. Sometimes everything is so messy, cause of the bad behavior read more >>
babesie26  - Published on 19 May 2010
Over the last couple of years Dunnes have re-branded to try and make their stores more appealing to the younger market. They have rolled back their prices on basics to compete with Pennys. They have the Savida clothing line read more >>
deisemum  - Published on 18 May 2010
I think the place is often overrun with "managers" going around trying to look important yet the managers don't seem to have grasped that there's a recession and that customer service needs to be improved. read more >>
fashionista  - Published on 17 May 2010
Always moving items to confuse we the shoppers ... why cant beans just stay in the one area ? If you buy something there one week you may not get it the next week its kind of like a pot luck system.  read more>>
rubberbandgirl  - Published on 10 May 2010
A reasonably sized Dunnes, with nice home and adult and kids clothes sections. You can sometimes get lovely toy bargains in the kids section. I find Dunnes quite diverse in terms of value - some groceries you can get much che read more >>
rubberbandgirl  - Published on 10 May 2010
The grocery department of this Dunnes is quite small - I tried doing my weekly shop there once and couldn't get everything that I needed. There is however quite a good clothes section - particularly for children's c read more >>
Sandardie  - Published on 04 May 2010
Love all dunnes Stores. this on in the shopping centre is especiall big with large selection of sizes a great home ware department. only recently got some excellent value in mugs for the house at an amazing price of 1 euro e read more >>
Elliee B  - Published on 03 May 2010
Love the clothes section here but the grocery is all over the place. The layout is bad. Wouldnt do my grocery shopping here its too confusing and hard to find items.  read more>>
joanne  - Published on 03 May 2010
I really like shopping in this branch of Dunnes Stores as the staff are second to none, extremely helpful and very friendly. The grocery department is always clean and tidy and the products on the selves are always neatly sta read more >>
spooney  - Published on 30 April 2010
What is there to say? Like many other Dunnes in Ireland. it is a big store and has a good mix of groceries and clothing. The restaurant upstairs is very cheap and surprisingingly the food is not bad.  read more>>
Bogger  - Published on 26 April 2010
ONe of the best derelict supermarkets in Dublin. Great place to set up a stall outside, because you don't have to ask permission from the retailer, because there's no-one there to ask.  read more>>
Denisetbutler  - Published on 20 April 2010
The womens section in this Dunnes is very large. Its impossible to go in without finding something i have to buy  read more>>
Denisetbutler  - Published on 20 April 2010
They have really good special offers in the food section. But my favorite thing about this dunnes is they have a huge home ware section. Great bedclothes and pillow section  read more>>
Joanna  - Published on 19 April 2010
This is a great shop for bargains with always a few sales racks with current fashions... great for clothes for a night out right to pjs or socks!! they also have other brands such as savida which I personally like esp for jea read more >>
kgiller  - Published on 30 March 2010
If you want to know where all the weird people in Cork hang out, its in here. North Main Street in general is a bit of a weird place and always has been, its slowly getting better but its still where you will find most of the read more >>
Jayeire  - Published on 29 March 2010
Awful. Staff are very very rude, and observing the managers I now realise where they get it from. The manager needs to realise that it is indeed Dunnes she's in charge of, a cheap Irish retailer. Priorities need to be co read more >>
Goldfish  - Published on 11 March 2010
Cheaply made, overpriced clothes in any colour you want as long as it's black, beige or white. I think it's Dungs that has the new tagline 'It's better because it's Irish', no it isn't. That read more >>
Ni Airtneada  - Published on 08 March 2010
I dont like Dunnes stores in stephens green. The staff are rude, they never have the sizes you require and no one will get it for you! I think its gone down hill alot. Im not a fan at all.  read more>>
Bellinha  - Published on 03 February 2010
It's a bit messy inside, but I think this branch have more options for female clothes than the one in Henry st. They have a wide selection of shoes and coats. You always find cheap and nice casual shoes and coats.  read more>>
kazkiely  - Published on 28 January 2010
Dunnes Stores in Market Square has a prime location in the town but is a very badly stocked one in my opinion. The drapery section is usually all over the place, with stock not neatly arranged, different from what can be foun read more >>
Bellinha  - Published on 27 January 2010
It's a good supermarke with nice offers at the Deli, but there are always huge queues.  read more>>
redsetter  - Published on 20 January 2010
Its great at last to have a big decent department store in this town after living here for 40 years. Its everything you need under one roof, clothes, homeware, hardware, groceries, off licence an jewellery and accessories. Th read more >>
epbastos  - Published on 17 January 2010
Good store, with a very wide range of items. The home department is very great, with some of the cheapest price i've seem. The clothing is ver good as well, both price and quality.  read more>>
AnnieB82  - Published on 09 January 2010
I think Dunnes has improved a lot over the years in terms of quality. There's a lot of choice and in my opinion Dunnes is the best of the supermarkets available in Ireland in that price bracket. If you own a value club c read more >>
pmmon  - Published on 21 December 2009
This is a good place to get yourshopping. There is plenty of parking space here and they have a large variety of clothes/food etc. There are a lot of staff on duty at all times so queues should be at a minimum. It' read more >>
Ali  - Published on 28 October 2009
This is a handy food place as there is underground car parking just below it. It has everything you need, it also has a clothing section as well as a small home ware part in the swan centre so you can pick up a few more thing read more >>
Frankie  - Published on 22 October 2009
I don't like Dunne's - any of them - I think the staff could learn some manners there always so rude and Im fed up seeing management giving out to the younger employee's about a packet of sausages not being in read more >>
RachelGolden  - Published on 22 October 2009
This is one of the best Dunnes in the area. It's not as popular as the Dunnes in the Square which is up the road. But there is a really good clothes selection and the supermarket is great too a full stock of everything !  read more>>
Sandardie  - Published on 21 October 2009
This store is hidden away and holds the best bargains in town. We shop here for the kids uniforms great value and good quality . They have a great food store and a good turn around the products are always fresh and in date. N read more >>
peadar  - Published on 17 October 2009
This is a really good Dunnes Stores. I go here often enough for food and usually get what I need. I was here last week and didnt all the toiletries I needed so have to dock a star for that. The home section upstairs is pretty read more >>
peadar  - Published on 17 October 2009
A really crap Dunnes Stores. Its old and dirty from the outside, on the end of a dated shopping centre. The selection could be better. I always found when I shopped here that I left without a couple of things that Dunnes didn read more >>
Pamie  - Published on 31 July 2009
This Dunnes Stores has a ok drapery and ok grocery so if you want to do a bit of both then this is the store to go to. Free Parking in an underground car park also makes is more sense to shop here than in town. Also if you read more >>
CKONE  - Published on 28 July 2009
This dunnes has closed down for the time being, but they do have the other Dunnes in the Shopping Centre that has a great selection of clothes and Homeware etc....  read more>>
CKONE  - Published on 28 July 2009
This is a great Dunnes if you just want to go and do your food shopping, they have a huge selection and the prices are resonable.  read more>>
Mamie  - Published on 22 July 2009
Great homeware selection - could spend hours here. For the like of cushions, lamps etc it is hard to beat for quality and value. Well worth a visit  read more>>
Mamie  - Published on 22 July 2009
Very convenient for parking - good supermarket - well laid out. The drapery is very well stocked too and there are always special lines. I love this shop at Christmas when they often have unusual decorations  read more>>
Brian1985  - Published on 19 July 2009
This is where i had my first job in fruit & Vedg. The money was good but they really worked you hard for it. The clothes section has become suprisingly okay. Great restaraunt to get a brunch also. No problems parking.  read more>>
Philip_Dub  - Published on 15 July 2009
This is a huge Dunnes Stores near Tallaght! I cannot believe the excellent value that Dunnes Stores offers! When you compare the prices that they charge for some items, you really would wonder how they ever make a profit! Ama read more >>
Philip_Dub  - Published on 15 July 2009
This Dunnes Stores was totally revamped a good few years ago and yet it has still retained a freshness about it that makes it feel very modern! Excellent for just popping in and getting a few bits and pieces. Just off O' read more >>