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Champion Sports

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 - Published on 05 May 2010
This Nike Store on Grafton Street always has the latest selection Nike Sports Wear and Equipment. It has a huge choice in men and women's Nike trainers and the staff are always good at advising which trainers are the bes read more >>
NadineO  - Published on 09 August 2011
has a really great selection of athletic gear and footwear. They have everything from football shirts to swimming wear, pretty much anything you can thing of they've got it. Their sports equipment range is impressive and read more >>
tishia05  - Published on 09 November 2010
me and my fiancee went in there as he got a voucher for his b-day. All he liked had no sizes, so guy there said to try basketball shoes as they normally come in big ones.. ( he already has 4 pairs of those , and size is 12 so read more >>
rickybobby  - Published on 08 September 2010
A good store with nice helpful staff,the prices are not bad either.Its located well in the eyre square shopping centre beside new look.I still tend to end up buying my stuff in Elverys though but still champion is far better read more >>
dillo2k10  - Published on 03 September 2010
A pretty decent store. Not the best sellection of brand shoes though as a lot of the brands have a deal with other stores for exclusive items. However what they do have is usually good and reasonably priced  read more>>
Elliee B  - Published on 20 July 2010
I never saw the reason why Champion Sports is needed in the airport. Its a big enough store but its always cramped, or overstocked. the staff are friendly but I never see people buy anything in the store. Theres always plenty read more >>
AlanCrowley  - Published on 14 July 2010
Champions sports is ,bar none, the best place in Dublin for purchasing sports equipment, jerseys, clothing, shoes etc. Prices are generally better than rival companies and service leaves nothing to be desired. I can only say read more >>
tonyosullivan  - Published on 05 July 2010
very good sports shop located in the savoy centre in the middle of the city. Clean, well designed shop with all the latest sporting goods. always seem to keep and up to date stock of jerseys, shoes, track suits etc. good all read more >>
suecunningham  - Published on 29 June 2010
Excellent sports shop. Seem to have a great stock selection. Very helpful staff. Apparently they're celebrating their re-opening next Thursday 1st July with guest appearance from Jedward. One of the better sports sh read more >>
JasonMc  - Published on 28 June 2010
This place is now closed down and has Changed over to a foot locker store. Some pretty nice shoes inside there but i have to say the prices are so so high it stops alot of people from buying runners in here. The clothes side read more >>
dillo2k10  - Published on 03 June 2010
Champion is cheap and have an alright section of clothes. Most of the clothes arent the best quality, I always look there and see nice v=clothes but I rerley buy anything  read more>>
deisemum  - Published on 18 May 2010
Nice big sports shop that has an extensive selection of footwear. A bit on the expensive side unless in a sale or special offer. Good selection of rugby jerseys and gear. It's normally busy.  read more>>
Bogger  - Published on 26 April 2010
The source of skangers' powers. Hoodies and white runners can be purchased here, and they generally don't ask if the cash your purchasing a baseball cap with was earned doing nixers or mugging grannies.  read more>>
declano  - Published on 18 April 2010
Small enough branch of Marathon sports, but very conveniently located in the GPO arcade, its also generally not as crowded as other stores, so good for browsing and choosing. Selection of runners and other accessories is quit read more >>
declano  - Published on 13 April 2010
Pretty good sports shop - nice selection of runners and running gear (my main sport). I bought the ascics that I ran the last Dublin marathon in here and I have to say the advice I got from the sales assistant was spot on - I read more >>
epbastos  - Published on 17 January 2010
This is the best sport store in Dublin, without a doubt. You can findo everything you want here, for all diferent kind of sports. If you're lucky to visit it during a bargain week, you'll find things almost for free read more >>
epbastos  - Published on 17 January 2010
If you're looking for nike products, this is the place to go. They have good bargains on shoes and clothing. Of course Nike is always more expensive, but the quality is just great.  read more>>
Ali  - Published on 14 November 2009
Love Nike clothing for running really comfortable and does what it says it should do. I like the style and fachion they have with it too, bags and watshes are really cool too. Defo a great gift for a loved one who has a passi read more >>
CKONE  - Published on 04 November 2009
This is a great place if you forget things like your sunglasses or flip flops or shorts for your sun holiday. It is right beside where you come in from the scanner so you cannot miss it. Also if you are travelling outside Eur read more >>
age  - Published on 31 October 2009
Great location in the city centre. They have an extensive runner selection for both men and women. They have a lot of jerseys on offer here, mostly soccer and rugby. The prices are fairly average and the staff are helpful en read more >>
burkey  - Published on 28 October 2009
who doesnt like champion? from the gym gear to swimming gear to your average everyday messing around casual sports gear!! the after christmas sales are ones not to be missed!  read more>>
burkey  - Published on 28 October 2009
who doesnt like champion? from the gym gear to swimming gear to your average everyday messing around casual sports gear!! the after christmas sales are ones not to be missed! i have loved this place since i was a kid!!  read more>>
burkey  - Published on 28 October 2009
the best sports shop in the city !! i love here since i was a kid! use to always get my christmas and easter nikeys in here! the sales do be good aswel. footlocker seems to be taken over all the champions! im not a fan of foo read more >>
beedie1980  - Published on 13 October 2009
Mostly I think they’ve got a great selection of trainers. They’re clothes are more leisure wear rather than functional sports attire and is a little expensive at that. You can find a few good running gear for women but it doe read more >>
peadar  - Published on 25 July 2009
Champion has a really good selection of sports wear, from jerseys and tracksuits to runners. Maybe its just me, but I find it bit more expensive than other places. I usually go here when I cant something in a different place.  read more>>
Philip_Dub  - Published on 24 July 2009
If you are not going in here for Man United shirt tops (or the like), well then this is a good place to get EVERYTHING else! Great selection of runners for all different types of sports and good selection of sports equipment.  read more>>
Bríd  - Published on 21 July 2009
Nice big sports shop in the middle of the city. Huge footwear section in there, the clothes are probably better for guys than girls but still a decent selection. Definitely worth a trip into the savoy for this sport shop!  read more>>
Brian1985  - Published on 21 July 2009
Good range of all the latest sports gear such as the new Man Utd football jersey. Prices are average. Some pretty slick tracksuits by nike and addidas also.  read more>>
CKONE  - Published on 16 July 2009
When you are looking for sports wear Champion Sports have all the collections, they are also great when it comes to sales, you can always pick up a nice bargain in here. They stock all brands which is great  read more>>
CKONE  - Published on 16 July 2009
This Champion sports has gone now and replaced with a shop that just sells runners and trainers. Pop up to the top of grafton street for the champion sports  read more>>