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 - Published on 12 June 2010
Could not recommend. The customer services is useless, their customer complaints are never delt with and some drivers are just pure ignorant/cold. I'm sorry I ever used them
 - Published on 12 June 2010
Could not recommend. The customer services is useless, their customer complaints are never delt with and some drivers are just pure ignorant/cold. I'm sorry I ever used them
 - Published on 05 March 2008
wizweb  - Published on 15 October 2010
Cheap enough but unlike UK services they have many more stops and are very uncomfortable for long journeys. Occasionally you can get a cheap deal to travel. They are a horrible experience when packed as they get very stuffy a read more >>
Christo82  - Published on 10 October 2010
I never like travelling from this bus station. It is in bad need of rennovation especially the toilets(they are dire). This building was once considered modern, but now looks old and depressing. I would hate to have to use it read more >>
Finn  - Published on 10 October 2010
Not a huge fan of bus eireann, Drivers can be rude, Prices are good for innercity routes and direct routes to Dublin, but for roural journeys the prices are simply ridicelous.  read more>>
brebilboa  - Published on 24 September 2010
I usually use bus eireann to travel to Donegal on the 32 bus. Great service that goes every 2 hours on average and it does the trip in about 4 hours which is ok. The building itself is easily accessed only about 5 minute walk read more >>
littlejp  - Published on 16 September 2010
Decent enough service given the resources available. Cheaper than the train but there is much cheaper ways to get to the major cities with private companies. The new range of buses are quite nice and the majority of the drive read more >>
lk123  - Published on 26 July 2010
This bus depot needs a serious make over. Its really old fashioned and out dated, its such a shame because i'm sure it ruins the experience of travelling with bus eireann for everyone, especially all of the tourists that read more >>
casablanket  - Published on 25 July 2010
I've used Bus Eireann for about 20 odd years - where would we be without it ? There's good deals for students and you can also get a 10% discount if you book online. Certainly a great excuse to explore Ireland!  read more>>
rarasa  - Published on 25 July 2010
Bus Eireann's fine, does what it says on the tin. It gets you to where you want to be, the best thing about it is its central location, it's very easy to reach by other public transport and is hard to miss. The news read more >>
mancalledshaft  - Published on 23 July 2010
It is such a shame to be greeted with this eyesore on the way into such a wonderful cuty. I genuinely believe it is in need of a major overhaul. The service Bus Eireann provide is generally ok, all buses run on time, and neve read more >>
AlanCrowley  - Published on 22 July 2010
I nearly always avail of Bus Eireann in and around Dublin. However service is not always up to scratch, especially when you compare them to some of the bus companies is large cities around Europe. Quite exepensive even for sh read more >>
lk123  - Published on 14 July 2010
I use their buses often, mostly a night service. It's quite late when i'm at Bus Aras, usually 10-11pm so theres usually a couple of shady people around. They have a security guard now but it's such a big stati read more >>
coleyface  - Published on 03 July 2010
used to always use this place every week. it used to be such an awful place to have to wait for a bus in. very dodgy. its improved a small bit in the last few years and is a lot cleaner then what it ever used to be. handy for read more >>
philmnc  - Published on 28 June 2010
Located just at the very top on Limerick City lies Bus Eireann. Obviously it's the cities bus station and also it's railway station. There are some amenities inside which consist of a small shop where drinks and the read more >>
Dale O Connell  - Published on 24 June 2010
i always use this bus as i travel to town nearly everry day ..the drivers can be stuck up but otherwise the service is good the bus is nearly never ontime and they somethimes dont stop at the stop when ur there  read more>>
katie-elder  - Published on 10 May 2010
After many years of not using the bus I have used the bus approx five times this year so far. I have been very pleased on all journeys so far and it has convinced me to start using busses again. My only complaint is the cost read more >>
siobhany  - Published on 30 April 2010
Usually reliable,although I do not appreciate the birds flying in round the station...please.I do advise you to bring all food/magazines before you enter it...the newagents and shop are quite dear  read more>>
Jayeire  - Published on 29 March 2010
I can honestly say that I hate this place. This bus office is one of the first things tourists see in when they come here, and we present them with an outdated, god-forsaken hole of a bus depot. Their security is useless. Ple read more >>
joseph.p.obrien  - Published on 29 March 2010
Outdated and in need of some work done to it. The "shop" is a joke with a tiny selection. As with every other bus station in the world, you don't always feel sake with the kind of people that hang around there. read more >>
epbastos  - Published on 17 January 2010
I liked their services. They have regular buses for the major cities, and i think they are very confortable. I had travel from Dulibn to Galway and Belfast and i was alway very pleased with them. The prices are very good too.  read more>>
ro  - Published on 17 January 2010
fast, friendly and reliable. Does exactly what it says on the tin  read more>>
age  - Published on 31 October 2009
It is what it is basically. Cheap travel, that generally tends to run on time. Great location in town, and right next to the Luas and Dart. The service is okay, but there are a lot of dodgey character in the area/building so read more >>
peadar  - Published on 17 October 2009
Ive gotten the bus from Cork to Galway a few times. The only reason I would get the bus is because the train is too awkward. But the bus isnt much better - why the need to stop off in Limerick for 20 minutes. The bus drivers read more >>
Goldfish  - Published on 17 October 2009
What is it about bus and train stations that attracts absolute nutcases, and why do they wlays have a plastic bag with them?! Anyway every time I go Bus Eirann there seems to be some looney or other lurking about making peopl read more >>
LBQ  - Published on 02 August 2009
The customer service people at Busarus are not interested! (Perhaps if their website was better I wouldn't have needed to call them). However the bus drivers are very friendly and any bus I have taken has departed on ti read more >>
Brian1985  - Published on 15 July 2009
Ive found their service very good so far for going to an from work. There is massive range of buses coming and non stop and im never left waiting more than 10mins at a bus stop. the 84x is a super fast bus also but costs €250 read more >>
Bríd  - Published on 15 July 2009
I've got the bus a good few times from Dublin to Cork and in fairness they go regularily and on time, and it's only €10 one way, only 18 return if you book it online - 10% cheaper I think. However you can get the tr read more >>
Philip_Dub  - Published on 14 July 2009
I think these guys need to pull up their socks a wee bit! Whats going on here. Was trying to get information on charter services for a group coming from Spain (something I was helping my brother out on) - whats happening here read more >>