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 - Published on 13 April 2010
This Boots Pharmacy in Baggot Street is really handy. It sells all the usual Chemists stuff, toothbrushes, cosmetics, shampoo etc and you can get your prescriptions from the doctor filled without a bother. It's the staff read more >>
 - Published on 08 December 2009
Nutgrove Shopping Centre is a lovely shopping centre if you don't fancy hitting the massive shops in Dundrum! Its cool becasue parking is FREE and the shop are good. I would recommed to all to make a visit to Nutgrove Sh read more >>
Mr T  - Published on 25 September 2011
Highlight for me is the Marks and Spencer. There is not enough variety of shops in the arcade, especially with Watersatones gone no bookshop of any description. Hoever it is clean, and the opening hours are convenient.  read more>>
MR13  - Published on 24 August 2011
my least favourite boots store! it is quite small and the aisles are too tight, as is the case with many boots stores. the staff in wilton are probably the least friendly and helpful of any of the stores. overall very disappo read more >>
Sannhet  - Published on 29 April 2011
The little Cork ladies in this pharmacy have no problem walking over to you and snapping items out of your hand — in the manner of hungry mongrel dogs — when you pick them off a shelf. I’ve also experienced older slack-jawe read more >>
oisinl  - Published on 24 October 2010
I love this street, it's so full of life. I just wish the buskers were all great. Some greats (eg Rodrgio y Gabriella) but it is let down by the throngs of buskers who paint themselves and just stand still and the 13 yea read more >>
brebilboa  - Published on 27 September 2010
Went to the subway in here as well as the o2 shop. Very clean and modern shopping centre which I was rather surprised it cause I found it randomly and decided to pull in and have a gawk as you do! Few nice little shops in her read more >>
john marston  - Published on 27 September 2010
I used to live near this shopping centre and it was handy to have nearby because you could pop over for macdonalds, phq, tesco etc. But to be honest as a shopping centre goes this isn't great as there isnt much else in t read more >>
brebilboa  - Published on 19 September 2010
Best place/street in Dublin without a doubt. Some fantastic shops, a great atmosphere as well as great street buskers/entertainers. Definately would bring tourists back. It's always really busy and the odd time you might read more >>
oisinl  - Published on 16 September 2010
Great place for a stroll in the day or at night. Some great buskers on it too, although some terrible ones; people standing still for hours. There is a great drummer who appears late in the night to catch the coppers crowd on read more >>
botchie  - Published on 15 September 2010
Grafton Street is the cosmopolitan area in Dublin and is fantastic for people spotting. You'll never see so many individuals as you would strutting up and down Grafton Street. Fantastic for shops/pubs/restaurants also. A read more >>
Headshot  - Published on 15 September 2010
Great spot for tourists,thats what probably makes the atmosphere so good. Theres loads of shops (too much choice maybe!),dont think anyone would get bored of it.And its in the best location in Dublin(+Ireland).  read more>>
BelFi09  - Published on 13 September 2010
Grafton Street is like the Irish equivalent to the Champs Elysee in the sense that it is a really famous street in Dublin, in fact it's nothing like the Champs Elysee so let's just forget i said it. So anyway it read more >>
MarkMark  - Published on 12 September 2010
Grafton Street is the heart of Dublin City Centre. Many of the shops have been taken over by UK chains, but the character has not changed. The street entertainment is brilliant, you never know what you might see on a stroll d read more >>
Caoimhe25588  - Published on 02 September 2010
Love Miss Selfridge! Have only started buying from here recently but its and amazing store their clothes are amazing!! They are quite pricey but I found some amazing stuff in their sale rack :D  read more>>
Rich89  - Published on 02 September 2010
great place to waster some time or to grab a bite to eat, has KFC and a burger king  read more>>
rarasa  - Published on 20 August 2010
I like Henry Street, because of how close it is to Moore Street you get a lot of 'proper Dubs' in the area and the strong accents can be a bit amusing. It can be a bit rough in the evenings but there's a good read more >>
Goldfish  - Published on 15 August 2010
A massive campaign is under way to change the name of Henry street. Most people are not aware that the street was named after Thiery Henry, but since the famous 'Hand of Frog' goal public opinion has changed and the read more >>
Whistlingmilk  - Published on 10 August 2010
Lots of variety here, it's a lovely place to shop. I'm not too fond of the St Stephen's Green Shopping Centre on the end of the street but the street itself is great. There is a nice little gem of an antique st read more >>
Whistlingmilk  - Published on 10 August 2010
One of my favourite streets to shop on in Dublin. Plenty of selection from clothing to electronics and a few dining options throw in there as well. Of course turn right and you'll be on Moore Street which has a great mar read more >>
Whistlingmilk  - Published on 09 August 2010
The location can't be beaten as it's right on Henry Street! The shops are nothing special though, pretty average. I sometimes pop in to get a cheap mineral in Dunnes rather than a dearer high street shop.  read more>>
casablanket  - Published on 22 July 2010
I love Henry Street mainly because Arnotts department store is there along with a huge River Island.Moore Street is just off Henry street and you'll find great fresh fruit and veg stalls here.  read more>>
casablanket  - Published on 21 July 2010
The highlight of Grafton street is Stephens green at the top of it. As well as being a lovely street to shop on with Brown Thomas and Bewleys to name but 2 of its inhabitants, perhaps what adds more character still is the lit read more >>
lk123  - Published on 20 July 2010
I love Grafton Street, its located on the south side and a much better/pleasant experience to shop on compared with henry st. There is a great choice of shops, restaurants/cafes, and street characters from time to time. Its a read more >>
dubgirlracer2010  - Published on 20 July 2010
Had to go in here today... unfortunately. The place is still a kip. Had to get some bits in boots which is one of very few decent shops in here. The place was full of scum and junkies out of their faces.. its all there in the read more >>
kerash  - Published on 20 July 2010
I like Grafton Street for a nice days browsing on a sunny day. Besides the great selection of shops all on one street, you can enjoy some on street entertainment of varying quality! Usually there are musicians, human statue read more >>
rarasa  - Published on 19 July 2010
Grafton Street is just a brilliant place, you can't go to Dublin and not go there! While the shops may be a little bit fancier than the ones on the Northside it's still a very nice street. I also really like the way read more >>
dubgirlracer2010  - Published on 19 July 2010
I love grafton street. there is always a great buzz and atmosphere whether is raining or shining. there are loads of great shops on it and even in the little leneways off it. you will most likely find someone singing, playing read more >>
maggiem  - Published on 15 July 2010
I like this boots,the staff are always really nice and helpfull and the pharmasist always advises you on the medication even if its just panadol!Its a pity is not bigger as i think they would still do well, as they never have read more >>
dubgirlracer2010  - Published on 14 July 2010
I only go here if im stuck for something. I like TopShop and Brambles but thats about it, wouldnt go here for much else.  read more>>
lk123  - Published on 14 July 2010
I am not a huge fan of the Jervis Shopping Centre. Don't get me wrong, it has lots of great stores but I never enjoy shopping here, probably due to the crowd it attracts. There is some good shops such as Topshop, Miss Se read more >>
rarasa  - Published on 04 July 2010
I actually quite like the Square. I mean, it practically goes without saying that I prefer town, but still the shopping centre is very handy. There's a large Dunnes and a Tesco and a good mix of shops. Not as bad as some read more >>
katiehuff  - Published on 04 July 2010
I really like Grafton Street. There is always a bustling crowd with a great mix of people. To me the street isn't as stereotyped like most people say. I enjoy wasting a few hours walking and shopping along the street.  read more>>
coleyface  - Published on 03 July 2010
great place and has a great selection of shops and fast food restaurants. the place itself is clean enough. cant complain about the place. and the staff in most shops are very friendly and helpful  read more>>
Bogger  - Published on 02 July 2010
It all began here. They thought: "Why go into the city centre to do your shopping, when you can do it in the middle of nowhere, far away from any motorway for at least the next five years". Prodiguous really. Still read more >>
MC90  - Published on 27 June 2010
In fairness the square has everything you need. It has Dunnes, Tesco and Debenhams which other shopping center has all 3?? it has a decent easons and hmv even though it used to have a huge Virgin store a few years ago the hmv read more >>
MC90  - Published on 27 June 2010
this is a good shopping centre. it has a few clothes shops, a nice food court and a brambles in the middle of the center. it has argos and dixons. and also a waterstones - which is great! it leads in the M&S! it also has read more >>
neonitrix  - Published on 27 June 2010
been a few times - its not great to be honest has a few anchor stores but food court leaves alot to be desired - food served cold last time we were there.  read more>>
rondeco  - Published on 26 June 2010
Good location and good pharmacy advice but a little pricey like all boots. Has everything I have ever needed though!  read more>>
joanne  - Published on 27 May 2010
This branch of the pharmacy chain is a small one, so expect a que when you get to the cash register. Boots are really good with their 3 for 2 offers which run very frequently and their prices are competitive too.  read more>>
Teddy  - Published on 24 May 2010
I very much like Grafton Street, the earliest memories of Dublin are of going shopping here with the family probably about 10 years old. The bustling crowd and noise of the place stand out in the memory, and I still like it a read more >>
peadar  - Published on 24 May 2010
Forget, if you will, the common stereotype of the Grafton Street person. While it is well known as the uppity shopping area of the city, with its BTs and the like, it has in more recent years become more of a mixed bag, with read more >>
margaret30  - Published on 19 May 2010
As a huge fan of cosmetics I don't rate this branch of Boots at all. It's small and old fashioned compared with many other branches of Boots. The ailes are really narrow and the selection of products and brands is b read more >>
edubliner  - Published on 19 May 2010
Probably this is the place that i most love in Dublin. After of the pubs, sure. =D For me, the Grafton Street is the Champs-Élysées of the Paris, the Oxford Street of London, The Paulista Avenue in São Paulo. I know that the read more >>
dubgirlracer2010  - Published on 10 May 2010
Used to shop here alot for convenience, but since dundrum town centre opened i realised that the square is a bit of a kip. half the shops are closed or just sell complete crap. the only decent shops are river island and new l read more >>
siobhany  - Published on 30 April 2010
Grafton street...the highlight of any shopping trip to dublin!It has loads of different varieties of shops-american apperal,brown thomas and topshop to name but a few. There always is a great buzz about it, and if you're read more >>
Jayeire  - Published on 30 March 2010
Unfortunately very very small. Recently renovated, staff are OK, not great though.  read more>>
joseph.p.obrien  - Published on 29 March 2010
Very very cramped shop with no room to comfortably browse. The only good thing is that they seem to stock most things you may need. I recommend the larger boots near paul street.  read more>>  - Published on 04 February 2010
I like very much this street because always is drive of people from many countris. And also has many diferent artists that leave the street happy and alive. I like the shops as well.  read more>>
Bellinha  - Published on 30 January 2010
If you want to see people, is a great place to go. You can find from rock bands to magicians performing on the street. During the summer is really cool, because is the main way to go to St. Stephen's Green park. I don&# read more >>
sile  - Published on 20 January 2010
Grafton Street is very much over-rated as a shopping street. It really only has Brown Thomas , Marks and Spencers , and a few jewellers. The rest of the shops aren't worth talking about. Its a pretty street to walk down read more >>
epbastos  - Published on 17 January 2010
This is a good shopping center. Is not that big and has very good stores. I think that there is justa a few options of restaurants there, it should have more options. The location is great, in the heart of Dublin.  read more>>
epbastos  - Published on 17 January 2010
The most known street of Dublin. Grafton is great for shoppers, specially tourist that don't mind spend their money on overpriced stores. But you can find some bargains as well. You can always find a street performer do read more >>
elleoc  - Published on 11 January 2010
A very underrated shopping centre which has recently undergone a decent refurbishment with a number of new eateries. It has a tesco, pennys and dunnes together with a boots and number of private boutiques which offer you some read more >>
CKONE  - Published on 03 November 2009
Years ago this was a great shopping centre to pop into but with all the competition beside it on Henrey Street is has lost its appearl. Although recently they have launched the Arnotts Project and there are 3 floors of new fa read more >>
CKONE  - Published on 03 November 2009
The Square use to have a great appeal to visit, but since the introduction of new shopping centres like Dundrum it has lost its appeal. It seems not many shops want to placed in this shopping centre. I would pop to the cinema read more >>
Sandardie  - Published on 26 October 2009
Sunday afternoon christmas shopping. Hustle and bustle on Grafton street. Feel like your head is aching or you forgot that present for your uncle or maybe some perfume for your aunt. They open late most nights and they have a read more >>
RachelGolden  - Published on 24 October 2009
Really good shopping centre with a food court and cinema to boot. For Girls there are a great selection of clothes shops. River Island, New Look , and Debenhams. Nixce place to spend an afternoon shopping and good choice of f read more >>
Sandardie  - Published on 21 October 2009
All you need under one roof. Some really good shops and they have some nice restaurants that always have some type of special offer if its a coffee and muffin or an a la cart you'll find it here. New Look is def worth read more >>
Sandardie  - Published on 21 October 2009
Jervis street is the place to go for all your shopping requirements. I find it so easy to go to the high street stores and to pick up a book on the way. They have a big enough Mothercare for all the babies needs. Next, Arnott read more >>
YOU R NOTHING  - Published on 19 October 2009
If you like tracksuits and sneakers you'll find a great selection ! If you like pound shops and bargain bins you've come to the right place. in an ideal world the place would have been knocked long ago; having said read more >>
peadar  - Published on 17 October 2009
I dont find myself in here too often, but as shopping centres go, I really like this one. Its got most of the big store names you expect and go looking for. Its also good that its in right smack bang in the middle of town - d read more >>
peadar  - Published on 17 October 2009
The thing I always like about Boots is that you always find what your looking for. This Boots is no different. It manages to cram loads of things into quite an average space, as well as have a pharmacy.  read more>>
Goldfish  - Published on 17 October 2009
Jervis shopping centre is not at all bad. It has lots of the staple shops you need for picking up essentials. As Philip Dub mentioned it's got nothing on Dundrum but it's a pain to get to from my part of the city. read more >>
Andy C  - Published on 15 July 2009
Bought my cousin a birthday present here the other day. Great range of perfumes and the lady that served me way the nicest person alive. I must have had the look of a man who just forgot someone's birthday because she read more >>
Philip_Dub  - Published on 14 July 2009
I love this place! I was so impressed when it opened and after all these years its still my favourite shopping centre in Dublin (I think Dundrum shopping centre has slightly eclipsed the award for best shopping centre) - but read more >>
Philip_Dub  - Published on 14 July 2009
Great little place! How does it manage to compete against Boots only up the road? I suspect that its excellent customer focused service has a big part to play with it. Very convenient for me and I have been there loads of tim read more >>