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 - Published on 06 November 2013
I received excellent assistance in the store from the lady on the floor and was directed to pay area and was out with my purchase iin minutes.
 - Published on 01 October 2013
phone never answered, tired at least 15 times
 - Published on 06 March 2013
tried 19 times at diferent times of the day over a three day period and they do not answer the phone. any one thinking of calling this store would be wasting their time.
 - Modified on 28 August 2012
They dont answer the fone so why have a number. I dont like this argos at all,everything seems to break and when u have a problem and want to return something they never allow u too. My fiiance bought my ring there an expensi read more >>
 - Published on 30 March 2009
Cheap prices but not very high quality
 - Published on 21 September 2008
 - Published on 24 February 2008
Will NOT answer phone at 14.11pm.Vey annoying.
alphatronic72  - Published on 05 October 2010
I've used it a few times. I like how I can get in and out of here fast and directly park outside the shop front. Staff are ok as retail staff go and were friendly enough most times. The waiting times fluctuate depending read more >>
rarasa  - Published on 18 August 2010
This is right at the start of Nutgrove (but is still detached from the shopping centre, if you know what I mean) and always has a good queue, so obviously it's pretty popular. I've only been in this branch once, and read more >>
Mary Kenny  - Published on 12 August 2010
just you pretty average argos shop only problem i have with it is there is only ever one person on the tills  read more>>
rarasa  - Published on 17 July 2010
Actually quite a spacious Argos in comparison to others. There are some really good special offers on display aswell up near the check-outs that you can literally pick up there and then. The jewelers is lovely too, there' read more >>
dubgirlracer2010  - Published on 17 July 2010
I Like this Argos. Even when its busy at christmas or during sales, they still manage to deal with you quite quickly. The staff are always very nice and helpful. Have bought soem furniture from here and it was actually very read more >>
jennyface09  - Published on 10 June 2010
great store the staff are very very nice and they are always there for you and the prices are very cheap...i always shop there and they are always there to help with any problem i may have with the product  read more>>
Dale O Connell  - Published on 09 June 2010
great store the people are always there to help...have good deals and they order in the products if they dont have them in...are happy to refund once you come back within a month and have massive range of products  read more>>
Denisetbutler  - Published on 20 April 2010
Argos is always great for anything your looking for and the prices can't be beaten. The staff at this store were very polite even when the shop was busy and they were run off their feet  read more>>
Denisetbutler  - Published on 20 April 2010
This Argos had a lot more stuff on display then in other Argos shops. Its nice to be able to see some of the products, but the only problem with that is while your waiting you are tempted and with prices like argos, its hard read more >>
franlucas.cisco  - Published on 04 February 2010
A great and diferent store cause your sells is always by catolog. Thousands of products for sell, anythig you can imagine the Argos sells since a Colt until iron you can find ther!  read more>>
epbastos  - Published on 17 January 2010
Good place for save some money when buying eletronics. I found kind confusing the system they work with, using catalogues. You buy without even seing the item itself in front of you. But once you get past that, the price is v read more >>
Ali  - Published on 07 November 2009
Love this place its so handy, make sure to have a manual at home decided what you want, you can go online and reserve what you want so you can make sure its in the store when you visit. Very handy.  read more>>
Sandardie  - Published on 30 October 2009
Have often ended up in here for a last min present or household item and have yet to find an item out of stock but even if it is you can almost always find an alternative. If it is a present you are looking for dont forget t read more >>